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Roland Sachsenhofer (Roland)

X-Wing Starfighter


40 | 31. May 2020, 05:18
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Jozef Goos
Nice !
1. June 2020, 13:34
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you, feel welcome!
2. June 2020, 08:07
Red 5 standing by...
5. June 2020, 00:10
Chaz Gordon
You're all clear kid, now let's build this thing and go home.
5. June 2020, 01:23
Roland Sachsenhofer
Great quote Chaz, that was one in a million!
5. June 2020, 07:28
Roland Sachsenhofer
A few steps further; things begin to take shape!
7. June 2020, 17:45
23. July 2020, 21:06
Looking good. Enjoyable to watch 😄
23. July 2020, 22:02
very nice
23. July 2020, 22:55
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for motivation mates! Did I tell you that this X-Wing will show an astonishing example of nose-art?
27. July 2020, 15:26
28. July 2020, 07:22
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you! 🙂
28. July 2020, 08:40
Roland Sachsenhofer
Surface colors have been applied but a decent washing and a little pit more of wear and tear have to be done.
28. July 2020, 08:44
Roland Sachsenhofer
May I present to you a "nose art" of the unusual kind... 🙂
28. July 2020, 10:55
Dave Flitton
Love it!!
28. July 2020, 12:57
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Dave!
29. July 2020, 19:34
Hilarious! I sense a rogue pilot with an unusual backstory...
29. July 2020, 20:58
Noseart looking great!
29. July 2020, 22:20
Roland Sachsenhofer
I am glad that the Nose art is well received by you! 🙂
30. July 2020, 10:27
Chaz Gordon
Perhaps add an extra stripe to the markings to make it Red 6, then back story is free to define.
30. July 2020, 17:16
Roland Sachsenhofer
Jek Tono Porkins X-Wing? 🙂
31. July 2020, 16:32
Chaz Gordon
Well, after the battle of Yavin, the Number 6 slot on Red squadron would have been re-filled, perhaps by your rogue-ish pilot with an interesting back story and a penchant for nose art.

I suggested Red six as it would be one extra stripe to the squadron markings, rather than trying to remove for 1-4 or split & add for 7-12
31. July 2020, 19:34
Christian Lehmann
Hallo Roland, ich wusste gar nicht, daß dich dieses Genre auch interessiert. Coole Nose Art! 👍.
31. July 2020, 20:13
Lode Schildermans
Nice to see this project. I liked the series and I know what the builder is capable to. This is going to be a pleasure to follow
1. August 2020, 18:23
Choppa Nutta
Nice to see some creative license with a Star Wars classic 🙂

as for a creative back story, who flew Red 5 before Luke rocked up I wonder ?
Did Jek Tono Porkins botch an attempt to recreate a James Bond stunt trying impress his wookie girlfriend by trying to fly Red 5 through a barn and forget how wide an X Wing is thus ripping off the wings and righting off the entire thing which lead to Red 5 getting replaced before Luke rocked up ?😄 😄 😄
1. August 2020, 21:02
According to Wookiepoedia:
The Red 5 callsign was used by Pedrin Gaul of the Massassi Group during the battle over Scarif; however, Gaul was killed in the battle, leaving the position vacant
It was later taken up by Luke Skywalker when he joined the Massassi Group shortly before the Battle of Yavin.
Grizz Frix also used the Red 5 callsign during the Battle of Endor, 2 plausible instances where this nose art could have appeared!😎
2. August 2020, 02:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you Christian, Lode, Choppa, JD for all your interest!
Christian, da bin ich durchaus interessiert, auch deshalb werde ich Dein Endor-Dio nie vergessen!

Choppa and JD, it may be a silly question, but: the five stripes on the trailing edge of the surface detect "Red 5"? I have learned something! "Wookiepoedia" is of course a source of the very first order, I will use it for my article 🙂 Another point of reference for my is investigation has been/ is "Haynes, Star Wars: Rebel Starfighters: Owners' Workshop Manual". Delicious, what is collected here! 🙂
2. August 2020, 15:22
Chaz Gordon
Squadron markings are up to six long stripes for leader to 6, then they are split into two rows of shorter stripes along the same positioning for 7 to 12. These have a full row next to the squadron stripe, and the second row starts at the 1 position for 7 and so on.. so only red 6 and 12 could possibly be confused at a quick glance.
2. August 2020, 16:59
Chaz Gordon
I believe the blue spiral marking on the laser cannon is unique to skywalker's Red 5.

I wouldn't expect that the nose art would apply to red 5 at Scarrif, as at that point, Vader did not seem to be such a focal opponent for the rebellion, more Moff Tarkin.

It just occurred to me that the Red 5 Luke flew in Rotj would have been a replacement, as his original was left on Cloud city.
2. August 2020, 17:06
Choppa Nutta
It's almost as if the history of Star Wars is real !!!

It's a huge shame that Disney got their hands on the franchise as the last four movies went from bad to worse, The Farts Awaken ruined it for me, I couldn't bring myself to watch the Arse Blast Jedi, Soylo or what ever the other one was called ... just garbage. Jar Jar Abrams, Ryan Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy need firing and condemning to poverty for ruining the best movie franchise ever ....
Anyhow, I hope against hope that someone bins them and gives them a proper remake...

I can dream can't I ? 😄 😄 😄
2. August 2020, 17:56
LMAO Choppa, you can say it louder but not more clear.... cheers to all that
2. August 2020, 18:28
Choppa Nutta
Glad I made someone laugh !! 😄
I like what Mark Hammill had to say about it all, I can't imagine anyone else being more disappointed than him, I really felt for him though as his character got dragged through the mud and thrown in the bin along with the others to make way for a wet emo and a Mary Sue ...
No wonder their sales did so poorly ... However I quite liked Rogue One though, that was Ok..
anyhow, rant over ...
............ for now 😄
2. August 2020, 20:01
Chaz Gordon
Rogue one was the best star wars movie outside the original trilogy, possibly on a par with rotj
2. August 2020, 20:39
Choppa Nutta
Oooh, don't know if I would go that far Chaz, certainly the best by far of the Dis(mal)ney releases, but then so are my ablutions thus not a difficult thing to achieve, unlike my ablutions !!
Anyhow, I'd put it on par with the Phantom Menace which was the best of the prequels imho. 🙂
2. August 2020, 22:52
I'm not going to argue.. each film has a place in my memory banks.. zzzt!
3. August 2020, 04:36
Roland Sachsenhofer
What an entertaining and stimulating conversation! I agree with JD; also in the opinion that "Rogue One" was one of the better developments to tell these stories.
Very satisfying for me are also the thoughts you mentioned, in which narrative strand my X-Wing could fit in. I take the liberty of including your thoughts in my article and continue them... I hope it will be interesting for you!
3. August 2020, 06:11
Oliver Zwiener
Klasse Ding - einmal eine tolle Abwechslung zu Deinen sonstigen Projekten , den ich folge ! Weiter so 😉
3. August 2020, 09:07
Chaz Gordon
Rogue One does not feature Darth Binks. Just sayin

I enjoyed all except the first two Disney trilogy, too much going on, too many locations, and the slow chase was just silly.. rise of Skywalker was the best of the three I'd say.

Solo could have been better. The storyline is there, and would have been a good setup for whatever they were going to do with maul that got canned.

Just don't think it was very well directed, felt like the Italian job mashed up with total recall, blade runner and a landing in Mad Max 2.
3. August 2020, 11:22
Roland Sachsenhofer
Oliver and Chaz, thank for your kind comments!
With quietly in the background imagined music from the Star Wars soundtrack, I may present you my finished experiment on the topic "X-Wing". I hope you like the result as much as I enjoyed building it! 🙂
5. August 2020, 13:21
I really, really like the ground perspective view in photo 41, somehow reminiscent of the hangar scenes in the movies. :]
5. August 2020, 13:37
it looks really nice
5. August 2020, 14:18
Sebastian Meyner
🙂 Great idea and execution Roland! Love the nose art! 👍
5. August 2020, 15:34
The photography from #28 is awesome! Can we see your photo booth setup?
5. August 2020, 18:07
Gary Kitchen
Hi All - loving this thread and build. WRT the Disneyfication of Star Wars Rogue One Is tops but for my money Star Wars Rebels and the last four episodes of the last Clone Wars season (7) are perhaps all conquering in terms of story building and linking. SW Resistance is pants though. Really useful having a 10 yr old to guide me through these. Mandalorian not bad IMO.
5. August 2020, 18:43
Lode Schildermans
Looking really great, Roland.The weathering is subtle, yet quite visible. Top, mate
5. August 2020, 18:48
Chaz Gordon
awesome. Love the equipment bay and the ladder, great touches.
5. August 2020, 19:41
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you all so much for your replies! Very motivating!
6. August 2020, 10:30
Roland Sachsenhofer
JD, I did make a picture of my studio. A good stray light and a camera mounted on a tripod are important. For an optimal depth of field I use exposure times of sometimes several seconds. There is no way around a tripod.
7. August 2020, 08:35
Roland Sachsenhofer
....thank you all for "liking"! 🙂
7. August 2020, 08:36
very nice studio 🙂 no lack of lights 🙂
7. August 2020, 09:19
Fantastic! Not at all what I expected. And what a great workshop too!
7. August 2020, 18:57
Tom B.
Always a pleasure to see people make sci-fi into outstanding models like this one 👍 By the way that nose-art is really quite original and fitting 🙂
8. August 2020, 19:14
Choppa Nutta
Looks great 🙂
I do hope you make a dio for it though😉 😄
8. August 2020, 19:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
This all makes me really happy, thanks for the encouragement, mates
10. August 2020, 13:21
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you for all those "liking", mates!
2. May, 08:30
I now have bench envy. 🙂
2. May, 08:36
Roland Sachsenhofer
A matter that I'm sure will be quickly cleared up with a few new projects, I hope! 🙂
2. May, 08:38
Dash Rendar
Oh my god, absolutely gorgeous. That's exactly what I want to do with my X-Wing as well. Love the "nose art" with Vader, too. Hilarious!
2. May, 15:15
Roland Sachsenhofer
I am really pleased and honoured - thank you!
2. May, 15:34
Lode Schildermans
Roland, the X wing fighter just looks as it should be. A certain worn look. Definitely a fighter that has had some battles. Great result
2. May, 19:18
Just super build, Roland.
3. May, 07:02
Roland Sachsenhofer
Your words make me very happy, thank you for this push of motivation! That was really an enjoyable build and a real opportunity to tackle "something a little different" for once
3. May, 15:10
3. May, 15:13
3. May, 17:11
Maciej Bellos
Great result Roland, as always.
17. May, 17:36
Nice seeing this one again at the top of the feed. Excellent work ?
17. May, 22:17
Roland Sachsenhofer
Maciej, JD... thank you very much for these comments!
18. May, 11:04


1:48 X-Wing Fighter (Revell 85-5091)

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