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Steven Van Dyck (StevenVD)

Saladin Mk.2


4 | 30. March, 20:50
Steven Van Dyck
I started on the Saladin today, with the hull parts and some of the MR resin parts for the GB version. I had loved to add the promising Voyager PE set, but it seems arrested in development. So I acquired only the light set and the DEF wheels.
30. March, 20:53
Kerry COX
An almost forgotten but effective member of the wheeled armour family that I remember seeing at Puckapunyal in Australia in the early 60's, where it was part of the 4/19 Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment. Looking forward to your build and progress. 👍 :)
30. March, 21:09
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks for the appraisal, Kerry. I read that it even stayed part of the regiment after the vehicles were decommissioned, the turrets were just recycled on M113's. Today I compared the kit wheels to the DEF models ones. In one picture you can see that actually both resemble different patterns, with the kit wheel as the classical type and the DEF wheel as the later replacement type. So those of you who want to depict an early ante-BRD Saladin, you can't use the resinkit. But it does mean that I can go for an exotic camo scheme. A nice scale plan can be found at https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2020/09/page/10/
31. March, 22:12
Tini Hendriks
Looks very nice!
31. March, 22:54
Steven Van Dyck
Thanks, Tini! I used a spare PE part from my Kondensator project to improve on the single piece of Dragon PE that was in the box. I also added some MR parts.
4. April, 14:42
Steven Van Dyck
I had to saw a millimeter from the axle stubs to get the DEF models wheels to fit. I also scratched the license plate holder aft to make it look slimmer. This was done by drilling, scribing and ripping a brass plate and then bending it like on the WWP picture. I also replaced the exhaust brackets.
25. April, 19:21
Tini Hendriks
I think you liked building it very much. So much joy in such a small afv. 👍🏼
25. April, 19:33
Steven Van Dyck
It continues to be funny because I scratched some parts I do not need. These are already provided with the Voyager kit. I did add all the lights on the hull.
23. May, 01:07
Another fav of mine.
Geez, light years away from the old Tamiya kit.
23. May, 03:36
Tini Hendriks
A little gem. And suddenly I remembered, I had a Matchbox Saladin in the sixties ☺️👍🏼
23. May, 19:34


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