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Christian Abraham (ch hoeltge)

Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen 1942


29 9 March, 17:26
Dietmar Bogatzki
Taking a seat, lots of PE fun 🙂
9 March, 18:03
Christian Abraham
Thanks, as I started the Tamiya Kit long time ago I have two other pe kits for it and so enough spare parts 😄. Also I need te Tamiya kit for some corrections on the Trumpy kit.
10 March, 06:31
Christian Abraham
The hull and the first deck is ready to paint
12 March, 15:47
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great paintjob so far 👍
14 March, 17:51
Christian Abraham
Thanks. The main guns are ready for painting.
On the bridge I fight with a lot of fit problems.
27 March, 14:08
Dietmar Bogatzki
Main guns looking great and also the aa gun nest on the upper guns 👍
27 March, 15:25
Christian Abraham
Thanks. I added some pics where you see the fit problems I fight with. Thanks Trumpeter B Team
29 March, 20:14
Hang Li
1942 camo is the best, this would look really nice after weathering👍
30 March, 04:22
Dietmar Bogatzki
Ouuch not looking good 🙁
30 March, 07:09
Christian Abraham
Thanks. Yes the camo is special
Anton and Berta turret are painted. The bridge is ready for the pe parts
2 April, 08:24
Dietmar Bogatzki
Fantastic pe work, just startet my first ship in 1/350 👍
2 April, 09:12
Christian Abraham
Thanks. I painted with base color the bridge. Detail painting is next. On the hull I added the boat supports.
So 3 making groups are to do, the Hangar, the funnel und the bridge tower
9 April, 15:34
Christian Abraham
The funnel and the admiral bridge is ready for paint.
I also made the water base
15 April, 10:13
Dietmar Bogatzki
Great work and interesting that you are painting single groups.
15 April, 15:26
Kyle DeHart
Beautiful work.
23 April, 21:17
Christian Abraham
Thanks guys. Yes I assemble Single groups and paint them before I add the to the hull
24 April, 09:46
Christian Abraham
The bridge is assemble and the Hangar is ready for painting
1 May, 09:35
Hang Li
Nice, no often to see chipping effects on ship model (or is it part of camo? couldn't remember)
2 May, 14:15
Christian Abraham
Thanks. This is camo. The darker color was applied harshly with the lighter base color still looking through
2 May, 14:47
Hang Li
wow, that doesn't sound like easy technique. great work
3 May, 08:42
Dietmar Bogatzki
Agree with Hang 👍
3 May, 14:22
Christian Abraham
Thanks guys. I finished the hangar parts and added the ship to the water base.
Sadly I made a mistake with the painted flag on the bow. Let's see how can I fix it.
8 May, 11:17
Christian Abraham
Four paravanes are done
13 May, 15:24
Christian Abraham
Rear mast is done. So the end is near
26 May, 11:50


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