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Leopard 2A6 Tank "Ukraine"

Tamiya | N° 25207 | 1:35

Boxart Leopard 2A6 Tank "Ukraine" 25207 Tamiya


Leopard 2A6 Tank "Ukraine"
Maquette complète
2023 Nouveaux décalcomanies
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4950344252077 (EAN)
Boîte rigide (ouverture par le haut)
Leopard 2 » Chars (Véhicules)

Contenu de la boîte

385x245x70 mm (15.2x9.6x2.8 inch)

594 g (1.31 lbs)

Chronologie du produit

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Nous n'avons pas les fiches d'instructions exactes, mais nous les avons pour:

Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank
Tamiya 1:35
35271 2003 Nouvelles pièces

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Leopard 2A6 1:35
Leopard 2A6
Tamiya 1:35
par Ralf Rost sur Panzer Modell
Leopard 2A6 1:35
Leopard 2A6
Tamiya 1:35
par Kazuhisa Shibata sur Panzer Modell

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Michael Osadciw
I hope we get more reviews of this kit. The one listed above isn't that helpful. It looks like the kit has an alternate/additional sprue that includes two figures and a new main gun. I think the new gun is a longer version of the 120? It's hard to tell what the figures look like but they appear to have Soviet style padded head gear, but I'm not familiar with what the German army uses today so I couldn't say for sure.
2 24 July, 15:12
Calvin Gifford
Very happy how the Japanese company Tamiya prominently displays its support for the brave fighters in Ukraine booting the Russian terrorist orcs out of their country!
All comments (7) » 4 20 July, 22:34
Martin Oostrom
Come on kids, There are different views out there, accept that. This is a Scale Modeling website, keep it civil. If you want to go full-out keyboard warrior, Twitter is the place for you.
27 September, 06:44
Dominik Weitzer
...just laughin' about. Thanks Calvin. Good guy.
27 September, 15:27
Turns out the one with least effort is the accurate one. How ironic. Way to go RFM and border!
21 June, 14:40
Ukro-nazi will be happy!
All comments (20) » 19 30 March, 12:55
We all know NAFO-Bozo, Hunter Biden's laptop was a godsent worth of lucrative information, especially also how the Orange revolution happened beforehand that opened the gate for First World to launder their money over there since 2013 :^)

NAFO is like Dogs infected with rabies; dangerously infectious and deserves to be put down in the worst way possible. The difference here is that you have NAFO would openly cheer and salute a Nazi heroes like they are Marvel superhero, like that Dummkopf Justin "Fidel Castro's wedlock son" Trudeau cheering and saluting a Ukrainian known Nazi collaborators this week LMAO.
27 September, 02:38
ScaleFella NAFO
Thank you for confirming my point. I really want the smart vatniks back, that was more fun.


27 September, 05:17
Hister Farjas
Until Today it is still fantasy, lets wait whey arrive if arrive and then show the model, why tamiya is doing it in a Rush.
All comments (5) » 20 March, 17:34
Hister Farjas
Until now it has not. Tamiya selling this now is not serious. used to be real accurate schemes, they now just want easy money.
22 April, 10:55
Volodymyr Sitnik
First batch of Leo 2 A4 is already delivered.
I dont See any problem here at all
22 April, 11:18
Miro Ireson
Hopefully comes with Kontakt-1!
All comments (8) » 4 31 March, 07:18
ScaleFella NAFO
priceless words from a Vatnik
21 April, 14:03
Volodymyr Sitnik
Sure. If Ukrainian dont wont to be a part of so called "russian world" it automatically means that he/she/they are" victim (s)of propaganda"

Could you please tell me what Kind of propaganda im influenced by? You will for sure know it better then me.

My country didnt invade other country and kill people in their own homes,. TMy my country has no imperial ambitions.
This is the main difference between me and you

And btw , i m not Volodya for you, we are not friends .show a little bit of an attitude
21 April, 16:51
Where is Kontakt -1 armour, Tamiya???????!
1 21 April, 11:43
Aleksandr Kharkov
Take old model kit. Add simple decals. Little hype. = Easy money.
10 11 March, 21:29
If this is simply a rebox of Tamiya's 35271 Leopard 2A6, then why is is classified as a "rebox (updated/new parts)"; should it not be "rebox (changed decals"...???
11 March, 21:41
Aleksandr Kharkov
Lets wait for release.
12 March, 18:37
13 March, 05:15
Big japan help for Ukraine!!! Radostno!(c) Borat
21 April, 11:42
"New parts", is a T-72 without turret included? 😄

We should keep politics out of it, and Ukro-nazi should be even more a no-go. Just saying.
5 5 April, 18:40
calm down, ruzzian fascists, you got plenty of z and v crap to build if you wish.
12 April, 22:38

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