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Martin B-26B Marauder

ICM | N° 48320 | 1:48

Boxart Martin B-26B Marauder 48320 ICM


Martin B-26B Marauder
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Future 2023* Nouvel outillage
Martin B-26 Marauder » Hélice (Avions)

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Future 2023

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Patrice B.
It would be interesting to have an unusual version. B26s with little seen historical interest. Midway's B26s, for example.
1 2 July, 22:01
Very excited about this kit. I was considering re-scribing my old Monogram kit...not any more.
6 15 March, 23:26
Danny Hoogstraaten
I had the same plan. But since the old Monogram kit has some childhood sentiment I'll probably still give it a go.
Also I have aquired quite a pile of aftermarket goodies for the old bird.
25 April, 04:32
Same here. As a kid, I build just about all the Monogram airplane kits; from the B-36 and B-52 down to most of the single engine WWII fighters. I had a paper route, so there was always model money!
27 April, 03:21
The King Psalms
Flak-Bait is too obvious to do, everyone under the sun will be doing that one. Would love to see a few more unusual decal options in the future. Kit option on the box is OK 👍
2 31 March, 11:59
Jon Somerville
Agree, but yet no decal options to build one, hmm. The only decal is an old set long sold out. Only want to build one, so why not a very historic one, doesn't that make sense too?
13 April, 13:56
Jan Bojarp
Now ICM and you aftermarket producers, how about making other decals than the usual ones, eh?
1 11 April, 13:45
Dennis Wallentin
Finally! Let us hope they done their homework so we can build it OOB without too much modifications. Looking really forward to get started with it!
1 26 March, 18:54
Jon Somerville
Now just need an aftermarket decal set for Flak-Bait
22 March, 15:48
John Wilkes
I was thinking about that too. I picked up Flak Bait in the turn of the century for a paltry $15 Cdn.
26 March, 03:36
ICM are producing some excellent kits in 1/48 - can't wait for this one!
1 21 March, 13:00
Walter McCannon
Nice. I have been wanting a good 1/48 B-26
1 7 March, 14:17
Walter McCannon
There is a good example at the Utah Beach museum in Normandy that I visited several years ago.
7 March, 14:19
Vilmos K
Hell yeah! 🙂
1 17 February, 17:16

Martin B-26 Marauder

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