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Razor Crest

AMT | N° | 1:72

Boxart Razor Crest  AMT


Razor Crest
Maquette complète
2022 Nouvel outillage
Razor Crest » La Guerre des étoiles (Science fiction)

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Irving González
En ese momento Revell sintió el verdadero terror!
6 June 2021, 08:11
el curioso
Irving González, no sépor qué ha de aterrorizarse Revell. Toooodo el mundo habla del Razor Crest de Revell, e incluso hay por la red imágenes de las piezas y tienen muy buen detalle.
Nadie habla del Razor crest de AMT. Supongo que la razón es que tiene una fama malísima con sus kits, que nunca han sido de máximo nivel, mientras Revell ha tenido y tiene kits de primer nivel.
Creo que quien tiene que temblar de miedo es AMT.
24 October 2021, 17:12
Gareth Burge
Interesting to see how this will compare with the Revell version around the same time...
3 7 June 2021, 09:38
Stephen G
This is unusual... Given how Disney usually operates I'd have expected the Revell one to be an exclusive deal. Clearly not!
9 June 2021, 20:25
Denis J. Bender
Definitely! I was thinking of spending money and effort to make a resin print, but with two scale models coming up...I've given up on the idea. I want to see what these guys will have to offer us later this year. 🙂
19 June 2021, 13:36
Gareth Burge
Maybe someone can persuade Bandai to to do a 1/72 version 🙂
25 June 2021, 09:22
Bringing Bandai into the game, a good idea it is.
13 July 2021, 14:05
Haro Rotl
My standard experience with SF subjects by AMT is that after the licence has been paid for, there are no resources left for a first-class model kit. My money is on Revell.
6 10 June 2021, 19:06

Razor Crest