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This event is CANCELLED

Maketarski klub Oluj

Détails de l'évènement

Nom:XIII New Year's Cup CANCELED
Ville:Belgrade RS
Club organisateur:Maketarski klub Oluj
About:Dear friends and colleagues,
In spite of our efforts to have the 13th New Years Cup, considering latest developments in regards to COVID-19 and concern to the health of all of us, alongside with the measurements which prohibit public gatherings, we have decided to cancel the event.
Hopefully, those troubles will be long forgotten during next year.
Till then, stay safe and have a great modelling time. See you next year, on December 11th and 12th, 2021.
Concours:L'événement a un concours


This event is CANCELLED
Date:12. et 13. Décembre 2020
This event is CANCELLED


Ville:11000 Belgrade
Rue:Aerodrom Beograd 59
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Options de stationnement:There are couple of places for parking:
- Free parking spots in front of museum
- Open parking in front of airport
- Parking garage 50m from airport museum.

Entrance fees

Tarifs d'entrée:Entrance for the event is free, if you are interested in participation in the event you can do that by online check-in for 5 euros by participant of check-in on the day of the competition for 7 euros.


This event is CANCELLED

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