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U.S. Tank Destroyer M18 Hellcat

Tamiya | No. 35376 | 1:35

Boxart M18 Hellcat 35376 Tamiya


U.S. Tank Destroyer M18 Hellcat
Kit completo
Future 2021 | Lanzamiento inicial - nuevos moldes
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4950344996483 (EAN)
M18 Hellcat » Destructores de tanques (Vehículos)

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Johnny B
Nice! Thrilled to see this kit on the way from Tamiya! Have to repeal my self-imposed kit-buying embargo for this one. Was really hoping the kit would have featured a crew manning the turret, but hey, ya can't have it all, right? Can't wait!
2 | 11. October, 01:50
Paul Miles
Made my day. Now to retool the M36.
3 | 15. September, 20:35
Chris W.
Yes! Then toll out an M36B1
18. September, 14:18
Adrian Forest
Honestly there are several excellent recent Shermans from Tamiya and others. I'd much rather have a new tool M36 than anotherM36B1 kit using a Sherman hull. I'd absolutely love to see a new M36 with the correct petrol engine deck. Even Tamiya's 2016 M10 is a good 15 years newer than its youngest counterpart in other brands, so that'd be a reasonable basis.
26. September, 04:15
Irving González
Oh Tamiya, you always make me happy.
23. September, 18:58
Ricardo Reis
Well, I guess if all the other brands are tooling the popular (and beautiful) subjects, someone has to take care of the boring (and ugly) ones... :\
1 | 17. September, 07:53
Tim Sloan
This is a pleasant unexpected surprise
4 | 15. September, 14:32
Alex C
No kidding, I wish I could see more of it.
15. September, 16:35
James C
Very cool. I wonder if this means that there is a new M24 Chaffee on the way as well?
15. September, 17:15
Paul Miles
Great news Mr. "T"!!
15. September, 20:39
Timothy Hartman
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
16. September, 03:19

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M18 Hellcat

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M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat
Aberdeen Proving Ground, USA

por David Lueck en Prime Portal

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