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AMK F-14D VF-213 Blacklions Final Reveal

Final reveal


24 30 August 2020, 06:17
Jacco van Donkelaar
30 August 2020, 06:53
Bernd Korte
Delete the rod from the pictures and it looks 99% real! Great paint job/weathering!
30 August 2020, 07:00
I afree, think he/she should. Even if it is something of a cheat. 🙂
I would have done that for my own viewing for certain. Obviously, it is a little dishonest, and for competitions and such it probably wouldn't be allowed to touch up ones photos in that way.
30 August 2020, 07:55
Bernhard Schrock
Top work: I agree 100% Bernd. Without rod it's a true Tomcat In 1:1 scale!
30 August 2020, 09:52
Jos Jansen
Beautiful model Zhou...excellent weathering!
30 August 2020, 10:24
Thank you all! I don't sign in often but found scalemates a good place to put full sized picture to show my WIP photos and finished works. I did not plan to delete the steel rod by any method, just let it be. Originally planned to put yellow or orange lights inside the afterburner cans to make a full burn effect, but I did not have time to do that
5 September 2020, 07:41
The weathering was done by dying the skin of aircraft with some thinned Winsor Newton Oil
5 September 2020, 07:42
That's great, just had to add to all the other praise on your album. Very convincing model thanks for sharing!
5 September 2020, 07:46
Slavo Hazucha
Big show & excellent pictures too! The weathering is superb - one can do a lot with Oils (almost anything I dare say), but it's key to keep a good judgement for the right effect - you got it all just right! 👍
5 September 2020, 09:14
Thank you all! As shown in the WIP albums, the painting work was implemented in four steps: primer, preshading, main color and weathering. Appropriate preshading can do a lot of work, including the various tones on a single color military aircraft. Oil painting brings the variable tones into every panel on the aircraft skin
13 September 2020, 15:21
Dont know if I said already (you have a lot of albums of this cat mate😉 ) - But this is just spectacular, one of the most realistic tomcat models in this scale that I've ever seen! You really have an eye for the small details and the overall impression and the skill to make it happen. Big inspiration, also I just remembered that I needed to order an ocean poster and more brass tubes 🙂

(PS: I misused my wifes insta to have a look at yours, and I love the side-by-side album you did of our AMK cats, they're like brethren!^^ Really cool to share this experience across the globe, greetings+many thanks to the kind commenters over there!)
19 September 2020, 08:59
Yes, they like your F-14 build very much, Daniel. There are so many comments and likes that I should have let you know.
21 September 2020, 01:18
Markus Antonius
I am convinced! 🙂
16 January 2021, 15:02
what a fantastic result. if it were not for the metal rood, you could believe those to be reference pictures
25 January 2021, 14:23
Thank you @Markus Antonius and @Spanjaard, this was my first try. I am working on a similar project with a Tamiya F-14D kit
25 January 2021, 14:37


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1:48 Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat (AvantGarde Model Kits 88007)
Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat
US US Navy (1794-now)
VF-213 Black Lions BuNo 164348/NH-100
Dezember 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom - Arabian Gulf
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