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Daniel (halohead)

Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020

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Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 (1. Mai bis 31. Dezember, US)
Build doc: Bullet 106 - WIP | Album by halohead (1:48)


40 24 July 2020, 19:11
Soeren .
Fantastic result Daniel!
I think you should sent those photos to AMK - still not enough finished builds of this kit are out there yet😉
24 July 2020, 19:17
Roland Revolvermann
Beautiful 👍
Beside the awesome build i really like that „Turkey" presentation!
Stunning build!
Great job mate!
24 July 2020, 19:40
Slavo Hazucha
I guess when this Tomcat lands, it will casually pull out & light up a cigar while slowly rolling to parking position, uttering a few action-hero one-liners to the crowd on deck, who will just keep nodding respectfully... Like a western hero, puffing out the smoke of the gun, enemies down in the dust & a few bullets/ordnance still left in the barrel...😉 😄

The AMK box is not small and filled under pressure so that after opening, you are never going to fit the contents back in again - (I´ve seen it, but made the deeply rational decision of not purchasing it... yet 🙂 ) but I guess you managed to use every part of it - if anything more would be open/extended/added in-flight, it would not be in-flight anymore... 😄

Stylish finish, I dropped most of my specific lines of admiration in the build thread already - so just rest absolutely assured it´s a really really cool one & enjoy the view! 👍
24 July 2020, 19:52
Lots of fun details to look at. 🙂
24 July 2020, 19:56
Daniel Klink
Very impressive Result Daniel, and fascinating Presentation 👍
24 July 2020, 20:00
Konrad -
Ok now that is a new Level of model building!
What can I say....
Awesome Daniel that is so f... cool! Love it 👍!!!
24 July 2020, 20:11
Nathan Dempsey
Absolutely beautiful Daniel. It's great to see the F-14 in the landing position too.
24 July 2020, 20:46
Sergej I
Speachless 😮 Amazing weathering and setup. 👍
24 July 2020, 21:29
Mirko Römer
... Wow!...
24 July 2020, 21:37
Clifford Keesler
I agree with everyone Daniel, just simply amazing. What a beautiful job.
25 July 2020, 00:21
Jos Jansen
You have set the bar very high for this GB Daniel, what a fantastic beautiful model ... your weathering fits perfectly with this version, in one word ... AWESOME 👍
25 July 2020, 05:13
The cat has become really awesome, real beauty 👍
25 July 2020, 06:01
Falk Röllig
25 July 2020, 06:26
Christian Ristits
This is what I call a masterpiece! The Weathering is REFERENCE! Congrats, your efforts turned out in a real beauty!
25 July 2020, 07:16
I agree with Christian.
25 July 2020, 08:05
Rui S
Great work alround 👍
25 July 2020, 11:37
Gareth Burge
Really gorgeous, paint work and detailing are outstanding. Great job!
25 July 2020, 11:57
Beautiful weathering and an eye-catching presentation - impressive work!
25 July 2020, 14:18
Many many thanks for your kind comments&likes, it really is an honour and much appreciated!! 👍
I always envisioned to do one of these battle proven VF-2 super tomcats, so this box is checked now 🙂 The topic+kit material was both very inspiring and challenging at the same time and I am very happy with how this turned out. Also happy to share it here and maybe pass on some inspiration, looking forward to seeing some more of these kits being build here 🙂
25 July 2020, 19:51
Michael Phillips
Daniel, this is truly a masterpiece! The pose, the finish, everything is just top notch. Amazing!
27 July 2020, 13:56
Very awesome work! Great attention to detail, weathering is on top, creative and masterfully executed idea and the presentation is very stylish as well! 👍
27 July 2020, 16:03
Gerald Willing
impressive work 👍
28 July 2020, 07:23
Laurent "HELLER-forever"
28 July 2020, 07:30
Thank you very much Micheal, Alexander, Gerald and Laurent, really appreciate it!
28 July 2020, 17:45
James C
That's a fabulous result Daniel 👍
28 July 2020, 19:22
Thank you James!
29 July 2020, 18:09
Chris Greathouse
29 July 2020, 18:10
and Chris! 🙂
29 July 2020, 18:13
Great portrayal of a VF-2 bird in the sky! good to see this great piece of work!
11 August 2020, 17:01
Zhou, thank you very much, means a lot coming from an AMK-build-bro 🙂
For a lot of steps I looked up your take on it, so thx for the inspiration!
11 August 2020, 19:00
18 August 2020, 14:59
Would you mind if I share your work on my Instagram post? I would credit you and put a link onto your scalemate album
27 August 2020, 03:03
Michael Hickey
I was scrolling down the page and happened to stop just where the forward section of the cockpit was showing and I thought it was a real in flight photo of a Cat, then I scrolled down further and my jaw just dropped.👍👍👍
27 August 2020, 03:23
Spanjaard, many thanks

Zhou, no problemo, since I am not active on the insta i am more than happy+honoured if you'd like to show some stuff over there for me 🙂 If you need an original pic send a pm 🙂

Michael, thanks a lot for your kind words, achieving a realistic appearance is the biggest praise one can get, thx 👍
27 August 2020, 16:18
Andrew P
A beautiful job. I have the kit but not sure that I will ever be able to dedicate the level of effort it demands.
Any in progress reports? I too like to put my aircraft on popsicle sticks and would like to know how you were able to secure a relatively heavy build so far off it's (presumed) center of gravity.
27 August 2020, 16:55
Andrew, thank you very much! For me this was a subject that really kept me going, the kit does not put too many obstacles in your way as well. But see for yourself:

Bullet 106 - WIP | Album by halohead (1:48)

On the CG part it helped that I put a lot of lead in the rear quarter as I wanted a wheels on deck tail sitter first. other than that it is really just a thin tube with a canted tip put through the sparrow fin opening as the idea to keep it flying came pretty last minute. But - works 🙂
27 August 2020, 17:04
And for a more professional way to put things on spikes I recommend a look at Zhou's work, eg pic 13 here
AMK F-14D WIP | Album by ZHOU Kun (1:48)
27 August 2020, 17:34


91 Bilder
1:48 Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat (AvantGarde Model Kits 88007)
Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat
US US Navy (1794-now)
VF-2 Bounty Hunters BuNo 164342/NE-106
April 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom - Arabian Gulf
FS35237 FS36320 FS36375

Group Build

Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 in
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020
US 1. Mai bis 31. Dezember 2020

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