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Jan Peters
Jan Peters (Jan Peters )

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021

Nakajima J9N KiKa prototype


22 | 12. February, 07:52
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Erik De Smet
Good start
12. February, 17:35
Juergen Klinglhuber
looking forward....👍
12. February, 18:07
Jan Peters
As expected it is quite a hand full to build, loads of sanding and test fitting, the joys of limited run kits :)
19. February, 09:50
Daniel Klink
Ah another Kikka Victim.... Following Jan👍
Cool Start btw.. Those pins are cool arent they? 🙂
19. February, 15:51
Jan Peters
They are a royal pain in the*
I have used copious amounts of filler, due to me preparing one wing to improve the fit, and glueing on the other, making gluestains in the process
19. February, 15:56
Sebastian Meyner
Following 👍 Kudos to you for taking on this (old-ish) AZ kit! I am kind of 'scared' to eventually tackle my Kikka....and I have the Fine Molds one in 1/48 ;)
19. February, 16:21
Daniel Klink
Indeed they are, just like the rest of this kit 🙂
But once you got the cockpit into the fuselage and the underwing joint to it, fitted the engines under the wings, glued the Gearwork and the rudders, the rest will do like a charme..🙂
Keep up the good work mate..
19. February, 17:04
Jan Peters
@ Sebastian the kit isn't that old, but being a limited run it needs extra work to get it done.
@Daniel, once it is alldone you mean :)
19. February, 18:16
Hard and happy job 😛
19. February, 19:17
Roland Gunslinger
Ohh, One more to the GB! Following :)
19. February, 19:21
Jan Peters
Oooh, the pressure
19. February, 23:20
Patryk S.
20. February, 19:25
Jan Peters
A few small steps taken, engines are on :)
26. February, 13:04
26. February, 18:56
Jan Peters
Canopy masked and fitted, and a skid added from brass wire. I hope to start painting soon
13. March, 12:38
Daniel Klink
Very clean and great progress Jan! Looking very good mate 👍
13. March, 12:45
I agree with Daniel. Well solved! 👍
14. March, 19:36
Jan Peters
Thanks mates!
Some paint work done :)
15. March, 15:42
Daniel Klink
Ah is there the US testcamo incoming?
15. March, 17:20
Jan Peters
No Daniel, it will be the second prototype build by the japanese. It will be finished with some artistic licence, as the pictures I've seen do not show the hinumarus painted on.
15. March, 19:31
Sebastian Meyner
Very nice progres on your Kikka Jan! Can't wait to see it finished and in all its glory 👍
15. March, 20:10
Jan Peters
Decals are on :)
19. March, 09:16
Sebastian Meyner
Wow! The NMF makes the Kikka look very different....gone is the impression of a scruffy little Schwalbe clone 😛 Well done Jan 👍
19. March, 09:26
Jan Peters
Thanks Sebastian! I agree, it makes it look different from the nirm
19. March, 10:43
Patryk S.
Great result with the NMF!
19. March, 11:51
Daniel Klink
19. March, 13:23
Jan Peters
Thanks mates :)
19. March, 18:50
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍
21. March, 11:30
Juergen Klinglhuber
Great looking in NMF & japanese markings....!!
21. March, 12:41
Jan Peters
Up on its feet, the end is in sight :)
25. March, 09:39
Jan Peters
I'm calling it done :)
25. March, 10:47
Daniel Klink
Fantastic result Jan! You get the best out of the kit mate👍
25. March, 10:55
Roland Gunslinger
Very nice 👍 Great job!
25. March, 12:13
Jan Peters
Thanks mates :)
Daniel, I must say I'm glad it is done, and happy to add it to the collection.
25. March, 14:54
Fantastic, Jan! and it looks superb with Me-262's family 👍
25. March, 20:42
Jan Peters
Thanks a lot Cuajete!
25. March, 23:36
26. March, 07:07
Jan Peters
Thank you Jürgen :)
26. March, 07:55


1:72 Nakajima J9N "Kikka" (AZ model AZ7386)1:72 Messerschmitt Me.262 Schwalbe (Print Scale 72-125)
Nakajima J9N Kikka
JP Military Dai-Nippon Teikoku Kaigun Kōkū tai (Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service 1912-1945)
Natural metal, grey

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