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Jan Peters
Jan Peters (Jan Peters )

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021


29 | 1. January, 16:00
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Jan Peters
Ready to go!
2. January, 09:38
Roland Gunslinger
Count me in 👍
2. January, 10:05
2. January, 16:12
Me 3!
2. January, 19:56
Łukasz Gliński
Cool camo you have there 👍
3. January, 14:43
Jan Peters
You're quite welcome :)
I'm well underway now, really enjoying it!
Overall this is a nice kit, yet to get it to fit perfect it needs loads of fiddling. Also, detail is lacking here and there.
3. January, 16:45
Łukasz Gliński
I struggled with the topsides of the wings too today. I seems they should be shorter on the fuselage end, but the edge is not straight there 🙁
Let's see if your tab concept works 🙂
3. January, 20:21
Jan Peters
Make sure you clean all of the flash, I got the upper wings to mate with the fuselage. The engine nacelles don't meet the wing on the front, these require some work too. Testfit everthing before glueing the top of the wings.
3. January, 21:55
Something I would recommend for filling is Vallejo putty. Just apply it and while it's still wet, use a damp cotton swab to wipe away the excess. You'll then have the gap perfectly filled without having to do any sanding (and thus sanding away the detail)
4. January, 18:15
Łukasz Gliński
There's even a better one I can recommend:
Perfect Plastic Putty (Deluxe Materials BD44, No).
Why? It's always water-washable, even after drying :o

No Perfect Plastic Putty (Deluxe Materials BD44)
4. January, 20:56
4. January, 21:03
Jan Peters
@Otto, I have valejo putty, but don't like it, as it tends to shrink. I have used Tamiya White putty, which works for me.

@Lukasz, I'll have a look at it, where can you buy this?
4. January, 21:55
Jan Peters
Last day off from work today, so better get on with en it :)
5. January, 07:54
Łukasz Gliński
Here the Martola shop used to import it. It's made in the UK, so now I have no clue it's still available on this side of the Channel 🙁
5. January, 11:01
Jan Peters
I remember seeing these being sold at euro militaire, many moons ago. Will have a look sometime
5. January, 11:31
Łukasz Gliński
One important notice - it doesn't shrink, but also is not suitable for scribing.
5. January, 12:02
Gordon Sørensen
Perfect is great for filling seams, Wing roots, and such. But not for any areas where you need to build-up, it dries too 'soft'. And as Lucasz mentioned, can't scribe it very well.
5. January, 12:14
Jan Peters
Basic paint has been aplied
5. January, 14:35
Łukasz Gliński
You're quick. Nice mottling!
5. January, 14:40
Jan Peters
It's just the basecolour, after drying the rest will follow, probably friday
5. January, 14:56
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Ouahhhhh ,,, that's fast-modelling ,,,, I'm still trying to decide whether to build the Revell or the Airfix kit ,,,,, and, of course, which decoration go for.
Nice airbrush work BTW.
5. January, 18:39
Roland Gunslinger
OMG Thats fast! Nice progress!
I've just painted a few parts for the cockpit 😄
5. January, 18:42
Jan Peters
It helps to have a few days off from work, yet tomorrow I have to work again, so progress will be slower again ;)
5. January, 19:31
Erik De Smet
Following too
8. January, 11:58
Jan Peters
Camouflage ready for decals :)
9. January, 11:38
Nice painting scheme 👍.
9. January, 12:18
Jim J
Interesting scheme — looks great so far
9. January, 12:34
Łukasz Gliński
Is that freehand? :o
9. January, 16:00
Roland Gunslinger
Great paintjob 👍
9. January, 16:01
Jan Peters
Thanks gents :)
@ Lukasz, yes that's freehand
9. January, 16:13
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Great !!! Keep on
9. January, 17:21
Daniel Klink
Great progress Jan ..Looking great Mate 👍
10. January, 13:56
Jan Peters
Thanks mates.
Most of the decals have been aplied to the top, only the crosses on the wings are from the kit, unit marking, hull crosses and number two from japo, swastika from a kitsworld sheet.
10. January, 15:51
Jan Peters
All of the decals have been aplied, next stage will be weathering.
17. January, 10:41
Looks really good 👍
17. January, 18:36
Guy Rump
Looking really great, your freehand paint job is excellent. 🙂
17. January, 19:30
Jan Peters
First pinwashes aplied with Mig dark wash
24. January, 14:54
Nice effect 👍
24. January, 18:35
Jan Peters
I decided not to use the brassin wheels, as I feel this one is not good enough.I will use them on a future airfix me 262
29. January, 14:45
Juergen Klinglhuber
It looks really great ! 👍
29. January, 17:30
Sebastian Meyner
I was contemplating this paint scheme for my own 262...until I took a closer look ;) You did it more justice than I ever could have done. Stunning paint job Jan 👍
29. January, 17:41
Jan Peters
Thanks mates :)
Sebastian, just go for it, it looks harder then it actually is
29. January, 18:13
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks Jan! For now I stick with my simple green-grey-white-red 'what if' japanese 262 ;)
29. January, 19:45
Rui S
Nice camo 👍
30. January, 12:17
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great! Finish line in sight😉
14. February, 16:54
Jan Peters
Thanks guys, the last steps are always the hardest. :)
14. February, 20:16
Sebastian Meyner
Beautiful work Jan! 👍
7. March, 10:03
Jan Peters
I'm calling it done :)
7. March, 10:03
Roland Gunslinger
Beautiful 👍 Especially the painting in this "mini-format" is great. Congrats!
I also think it's good that he is not an only-child and still has a family😉
7. March, 10:16
Łukasz Gliński
Awesome finish Mate 👍
7. March, 10:57
Rui S
I agree, Great finish 👍
7. March, 11:54
Jan Peters
Thanks mates, you are too kind :)
Roland, this family is still growing, I have another four in my stash
7. March, 12:27
Daniel Klink
Absolutely amazingly cool and rare seen Camo Jan.
Wonderful executed .. I really like your Swallow... Very well done Mate 👍
7. March, 12:47
Jan Peters
Thanks Daniel, you're making me blush
7. March, 14:58
Juergen Klinglhuber
Congrats' - great paint job on the camo. Well done!
7. March, 17:19
Jan Peters
Thank you very much Jürgen!
7. March, 17:58
Gary Kitchen
Hi Jan. Fabulous work and marvellous camo job. 👍
7. March, 19:57
Guy Rump
Very nice build, congrats 🙂
7. March, 20:02
Jim J
Gorgeous! Well done. 👍
7. March, 23:13
Jan Peters
Thanks a lot mates! :)
8. March, 04:40
Fantastic result, Jan! And very nice Schwalbe collection.
8. March, 18:41
Jan Peters
Thank you Cuajete :)
8. March, 19:51


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