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Daniel Klink (Springbank)

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021


53 | 31. December 2020, 16:15
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31. December 2020, 16:24
Me 2! 🙂
31. December 2020, 19:38
31. December 2020, 19:51
1. January, 16:40
Daniel Klink
Welcome Mates, and take your seats 👍
1. January, 17:17
1. January, 20:46
Patryk S.
Following also!
1. January, 21:23
me too!
1. January, 22:36
Petr Lehnert
I need to watch this as well.
2. January, 08:21
Oliver Zwiener
I am watching , too :)
2. January, 08:34
Guy Rump
Following as well 🙂
2. January, 08:42
Neil Patrick
Great comparison idea. I'm following too.
2. January, 10:05
Daniel Klink
Welcome Mates and nice to have you here
It will start with the Revell kit skill level upwards to the J9N finally
2. January, 19:10
I am assuming that the smaller one is the Kikka? Please add explanations to the photos.
2. January, 19:33
This is so cool, following.
2. January, 22:57
Slavo Hazucha
Is this the actual group build? 😄 or a group build within a group build?

In any case, watching! 👍
2. January, 23:07
Jim J
Pulling up a chair...
2. January, 23:12
Daniel Klink
@wlcome mates and i hope you will enjoy this
@skywalker i named them already 🙂 you see the names lefthand of the fuselagehalves.
and yes the kikka is the Bonsai Schwalbe 🙂
@Slavo second 🙂 Sometimes i don't know what i'm doing 🙂
3. January, 20:20
3. January, 20:25
Daniel Klink
@Lukasz exactly 🙂
STarted with the Revell i have to admit , i expected it to go together a bit schwiftier🙂
3. January, 20:28
Jan Peters
It's a start :)
3. January, 22:03
Daniel Klink
Yap and the fit of the Quickboost turbine is quiet good👍
4. January, 02:04
John Wilkes
I tossed together an Airfix kit a couple of decades ago. This has been my favourite aeroplane of all time. It was a good offensive platform like the mosquito, only a hundred or so knots faster.
4. January, 02:10
Jan Peters
The quickboost engine is a beauriful casting, I have one in my stash too, for my Revell a3. Did you open the landing gear bay on this one?
4. January, 06:08
Daniel Klink
Welcome John, yes they were both kind of a benchmark as weapon platforms.
@Jan, yao it is, unluckily the Canpoy Part by Revell is not or not anymore. Unusable 🙁 pics 7,8
The tool cannot lie about its age anymore...
No I will not open the gearbay...Iam a bit pissed now cause of the canopy part...
So just forget about the built order by skill increasing with each kit🙂
4. January, 19:16
maybe some vacuform replacement? Me 262A (Pavla Models V 72-34, 1:72)

1:72 Me 262A (Pavla Models V 72-34)
4. January, 19:35
Daniel Klink
Hi SPanjaard, welcome and thanks mate.. I already got vac-canopies by Falcon, but i'd better did dryfit before, and am a bit angry about myself
4. January, 19:44
I had the same problem with the Revell canopy not fitting well. As I recall it was thinner on one side than the other.
4. January, 19:45
i need to check my two revell ones... probably similar issues.
4. January, 19:56
Daniel Klink
@Skywalker yap now i find many reports about the canopy issue and that the main gear legs are too long with the revell kit.
@Spanjaard..yap do it before the start 🙂
4. January, 20:05
will do, thanks!
4. January, 20:11
Daniel Klink
So this is my choice - the white 19 (front right in the pic)
4. January, 21:36
Jan Peters
Yes, the canopies of the Revell kits are ridiculously bad. A shame really, as it isn't too bad as a whole.
4. January, 21:44
i just checked my two 262 from Revell... cockpit is basically crap for one, and i seem to have lost the decals for the other ... well, both can be resolved.
4. January, 21:59
Neil Patrick
I like white 19 as a choice. It's a Kommando Nowotny aircraft I think if the photo date is Dec 44 as EJG2 was disbanded in Sept and its planes passed to Nowotny. The tailfin with its stencilled camo on an almost white version of 76 is someting I have wanted to try and reproduce, but not got round to yet. I think some say these tailfins were trials of a version made from wood? I'm sure someone here knows more?
5. January, 00:23
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
My Revell 262 has a good canopy hurrahhhh !!!!
Komando Nowotny ,,, good choice ,,, I like how the tail was painted.
Long time ago I built the Nowotny plane white 8 from the Hasegawa kit ... brush painted
Some old Luftwaffe models | Album by yuri

5. January, 18:45
Daniel, I'm sorry that luck is not on your side with the Revell canopy as well as the Lightning canopy. I hope the one from Falcon solves the Revell's problem. Quickboost's engine looks great!
5. January, 19:12
Roland Gunslinger
The Resin engine looks great!
5. January, 23:19
Daniel Klink
@neil yap some of them were equipped in preparation fo the never built C-version.
@Julian.. i feel lucky for you 🙂
@Cuajete i can tell you it does no because i shreddered it 🙁
@Roland yes too bad it only exists for Revell and Hasegawa
6. January, 22:37
Daniel Klink
The corpus is mostly finished, now waiting fo the Canopy replacement and next step is drilling the holes for the guns
7. January, 00:08
David Januska
Interesting project, I´m looking forward for the results and final comparison. I´ve got just one from Academy I hope it will not be the worst :(. Concernig Revell canopies I replace them with vacu every time I can find some vacu for them.
7. January, 09:37
Alec K
Nice progress Daniel, I'll take a seat. I did the Revell two-seater as a Avia Cs-92, as I recall it was pretty good 👍
7. January, 12:47
Greg Baker
Oh, let me see!
7. January, 14:53
Daniel Klink
Welcome David, Alec and Greg... glad to have you around mates 👍
So now you see the Academy kit started . Great stuff
8. January, 00:43
Greg Baker
I'm just about to start the Academy kit too... watching closely.
8. January, 01:44
Jan Peters
I have build the academy kit earlier as a c1 heimatschutzer, and really liked it. Looking forward to see more progress
8. January, 08:52
Erik De Smet
Following the real ones...
8. January, 12:16
Juergen Klinglhuber
participating the show....
8. January, 18:25
James C
Looking good Daniel👍
9. January, 17:20
9. January, 18:28
Daniel Klink
Thank you mates and welcome.. i decided for the Machine of Heinz Bär White 14
@Greg: Go for it 👍
10. January, 19:22
Jan Peters
Nice subject :)
10. January, 21:18
Slavo Hazucha
This is definitely going faster than the development of the real project!😉

And some lovely stuff to see en-route 👍 - that pit is quite a show in 72-scale
10. January, 22:10
Greg Baker
I'm two steps behind you on the Academy kit. Handy spot for me. Now I can use your cockpit as an example!
11. January, 00:21
Łukasz Gliński
The Academy kit seems to look better than the Airfix, which is kind of surprise to me. Cockpit in particular. Is it just me or?😉
Pity they don't make the double-seater.
11. January, 08:47
Daniel Klink
Thank you mates for your kind words, and yes Slavo because my plans are for a fighter only🙂
@greg looking forward to your Interpretation of it 👍
@ Lukasz the academy pit is a bit less detailed but more crisp and better to work with..
@Jan thanks mate, but iam a bit confused and not sure if Bär really flew the white 17.

12. January, 13:11
Daniel Klink
So already started the AZ/SM built of the J9N ..horrible and worse than the twoseater a later re-release I assume🙁
12. January, 13:13
Jan Peters
Ok, I have one in my stash, so I'm in for some nasty work then? What are the main problems with the J9?
12. January, 15:25
Jan Peters
Didn't Bär fly red 13 btw?
12. January, 15:33
Daniel Klink
Hi mate! The details are muggy and not crisp at all! But the biggest issue are the somewhat bulky locator pins and the different thickness of the wings etc
Much cleaning material takeaway and rescribing is necessary to get the parts together!
Thank god i kept the fuselage halves of the nightfighter from an earlier release! They are much better!
12. January, 15:51
Daniel Klink
Academy names vers 2 as Flown by Heinz Bär!
12. January, 15:52
What is your ranking for the best to worst kits so far?
12. January, 16:20
Jan Peters
Sounds like a typical limited run kit to me, these always need extra work to get a good result.
12. January, 17:31
Daniel Klink
Hm compared to Valom or Special Hobby this is really much worse! More like the early Pavla kits!
12. January, 17:40
Jan Peters
I will have a look at the one in my stash, might build it as well for the gb :)
12. January, 17:47
Daniel Klink
12. January, 17:50
Daniel Klink
Academy pit is ready 👍
13. January, 01:36
Daniel Klink
Group pic From above, Revell, Azmodel and Academy
13. January, 22:46
Jan Peters
Nice trio
14. January, 05:13
Greg Baker
Now that I've tried my own hand at the Academy cockpit, I'm back here checking out how a true master handles it. More impressive than ever!
14. January, 07:10
That trio looks great, Daniel!
The Academy's Kit looks bigger than Revell's. Is it for the perspective in the pic or is it really greater?
14. January, 11:34
Guy Rump
Looking good Daniel, ditto from @Cuajete, is the Academy bigger than Revell?
14. January, 16:59
Daniel Klink
Hi Mates, Thanky you and too much blessing and honor Greg but sounds like a lovely melody in my ears.Thanky mate 👍
@Cuajete and Guy Thank you and no it is a perspective issue. see latest pic
The main mistake Acadamy (left one) made was to bulge the middle of the plane too much.
The tail is equal rather a little bit thinner than Revells but cockpit section onwards it is getting eggy.. 🙂
14. January, 17:43
Thx, Daniel 👍.
14. January, 18:41
Łukasz Gliński
I like the Airfix shape more, despite the damn nacelles. Thanks for the comaprison pic. The best set would be Airfix fuselage with Academy's nacelles😉
15. January, 09:20
Alec K
I wonder how the Hasegawa interpretation compares?
15. January, 14:09
Jorge Ferreira
I think you will like to watch this before moving on Youtube Video at least after minute 18 watch how the slats should be positioned. Good work.

16. January, 00:06
Daniel Klink
Thank you Jorge👍 veryhelpul and interesting
16. January, 01:29
Daniel Klink
That Quickboost Jumo 004B looks really cool. An it is not expensie at all ..
A liitle bit of detailpainiing and drybrushing and it will make further improvement i assume
16. January, 17:29
Guillaume Blanchet
Great progress Daniel!
16. January, 17:43
Guy Rump
Progressing well and fast Daniel 🙂
16. January, 18:25
Juergen Klinglhuber
I'm will take your engine & detailing as my guideline - I have also planned to show the engine opened,...
following your quadruplet with interest...great!
16. January, 20:19
Daniel Klink
Hi Guuilleaume, Guy and Juergen..many thanks for your kind words and interest.
But i am close to explode...
Who the F+ck at Airfix engineered those nacelles to win mounting?
That is ridiculous and i am somewhat willing to throw the whole thing into the trash.
I read about but could not imagine it that bad and misshaped.
Sorry that is really a big issue for a modern kit at this price.

21. January, 21:51
Łukasz Gliński
It is indeed 😄 Try to cut it a bit from the inside and bend upwards the top end of the front part. Unless you have glued it already😉
22. January, 08:20
Jan Peters
The fit of the airfix kit is indeed it's biggest let down.
22. January, 09:49
Erik De Smet
You can't even build a decent egg plane with it , when the engines do not fit (•‿•)
22. January, 11:10
Daniel Klink
Hi Mates,
thank you for the support.
Finally a result not able doing this much better..
The gaps between the wings and fuselage are no problem it is not glued yet.
22. January, 22:39
Jan Peters
There is a solution for everything :)
Nice comparison shot, it is obvious the academy kit is not quite true to form.
23. January, 22:22
Daniel, which kit is the best so far?
24. January, 01:13
Daniel Klink
@Jan yap but in terms of fit and building fun it is good.
Hm my personal order in terms of quality, fit and fun would look like
1. Academy 2. Revell 3. Airfix
in terms of shape and correctness:
1. Airfix 2. Revell 3. Academy
For me the first category is much more important so i would say Academy is the winner so far
24. January, 15:47
And me buying an Airfix thinking it would be the best, already having an Academy (crying).
All kits looks fantastic, Daniel. Good job so far! 👍
It amazes me how small and different the Kikka is, compared to the Me-262s. Thanks for those comparison pics 🙂
24. January, 18:44
Jan Peters
The airfix isn't that bad, but it should have been more detailed.
It has some great detail in the cockpit, yet misses the armoured glass and the canopy release bars. The lack of fine details like the Revell kit do have makes the airfix kit a bit toylike by comparison.
Overall the fit is decent, yet the nacelles are a pain in the *.
I have the sturmvogel and nightfighter kits in my stash, but I now know what to expect :)
24. January, 18:53
Daniel Klink
Not that bad but for the newest Release it is the only one that lacks of the seatbelts for example.
And the nacelle mounting is a really big issue for a mainstreamproducer that does not have experts as a target group. 🙂 And i cant imagine how no one of the quality control could have missed that failure...
The fuselage halves fits superbly and the wings itself too that is correct.

And without the nacelle thing this could have been a real cool kit, and the best 262 around.

24. January, 19:12
Roland Gunslinger
Nice progress 👍 Looks like you are planning a war😉
24. January, 19:14
Daniel Klink
Hi Roland thank you.. No just wanna see which swallow is the quickest 🙂
29. January, 22:40
Stefan Fraundorfer
Eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer - drei hingegen vielleicht schon. Viel Spaß beim Endspurt!
30. January, 09:06
Roberto Rocat
Lovely project! I'm in.
9. February, 20:26
Daniel Klink
@Stefan ne eher das gegenteil war der Fall...bei den aktuellen Temepraturen.
Endspurt verzögerte sich leider auch durch einen Borrelioseschub der mich immer mal wieder erwischt.
geht aber nun weiter dank Antibiotika und Cortison.
14. February, 20:03
Daniel Klink
Welcome Roberto and thank you Mate 👍
14. February, 20:03
Daniel Klink
Hi Guys after a break caused by health issues (Borrelia that comes now and then without a warning),
my Doc thinks it is a souvenir of my time in the army in the mid 90s) Those creepy little bastards can sleep for decades in your body especially in ones neural system, and coul cause many types of neurological issues) But you can fight it easily with special Antibiotics. But it will never disappear if you once catched them. It is not lifethreatning though it could feel like it does. 🙂
But now it is getting better and i Started with the Airfix Swallow preshading and base colouring.

14. February, 20:12
Take care, Daniel!
14. February, 20:30
take good care of yourself Daniel! glad to see you up and about 🙂
14. February, 20:51
Alec K
Nice souvenir... Hope you feel better. Be glad you have a diagnosis, untreated this bug can do some serious damage.
14. February, 23:35
Daniel Klink
Thank you Cuajete, Spanjaard and Alec 👍
I am somewhat experienced with it, but you are right Alec. One can get seriously ill with those little Monsters.
15. February, 10:05
Daniel Klink
But btw How do you like the progress so far? 🙂
15. February, 12:17
Roland Gunslinger
I like it 👍 :)
15. February, 12:23
Alec K
I am actually in awe. Building several kits at a time would give me heartburn. It's looking really good man 👍

Btw, if you get bored, why not build a F4F with Lukasz and me 🙂 (yes, I know, I have not posted anything yet... but SOON)
15. February, 16:17
Jan Peters
Preshading looks good to me Daniel.
And I hope you feel better, health is your most prized posesion.
15. February, 16:54
Looking so good, Daniel 👍
15. February, 18:44
Gute Besserung! Hoffentlich gewöhnen die sich nicht an das Antibiotikum!
16. February, 13:47
Roberto Rocat
Glad to hear you are ok, take care mate! ...and...nice progress!
17. February, 20:21
Daniel Klink
Thank you Roland, Jan, Cuajete and Roberto👍
Yeah i am taking care of myself but my Velocity gun killed another nozzle.
Result is spitting and sprattling but no big deal to handel once the green finish is added.
This could be such a great tool with a more rigid nozzle installation.
You have to be so careful while cleaning and reassembling the cone. aargh
@Alec..still got a cage full of Swallows to handle with first 🙂
@Frank ne die Dosierung und Zusammensetzung ist unterschiedlich.
Und das ist so schwach dosiert und drängt sie ja auch nur zurück.
Man muss das auch 3 wochen nehmen
17. February, 21:04
Daniel Klink
So the Kikka is ready for painting
20. February, 20:14
Juergen Klinglhuber
Exited to see how all the paint jobs on your fleet will turn out....from what see already see --> 👍
20. February, 21:21
Jan Peters
Your KiKa has far less filler on it than mine, indicating you did your prep work a lot better :)
21. February, 18:04
Daniel Klink
Thank you Juergen and Jan
@Juergen it developes in the right direction yap 🙂
@Jan I had the advantage the shortly built Twoseater 🙂
21. February, 20:32
akira kita
So nice jets Schwalbes and Kikka イイネ!
23. February, 01:55
Patryk S.
Great work so far! The Kikka looks great! What paint did you use for the bottle green?
23. February, 13:36
Daniel Klink
Thank you Akira San and welcome 👍
@Patryk thanks mate and i used the WEM Kawanishi green enamel. (not available anymore?)
ACJ10 Kawanishi Green, WEM Colourcoats Satin, Enamel, 14ml
The tone is nearly peect for 1/72 but though i thinned it 70/30 it swallowed nearly all the preshading.
23. February, 22:06
Roberto Rocat
The Kikka is so nice! ...and not often seen. Bravo.
24. February, 14:53
Slavo Hazucha
One through the line 👍 looking great & I think while the loss of the pre-shading may be less spectacular from the model perspective, it´s probably one-up for the actual realism! 🙂
24. February, 16:18
Looks great!
24. February, 18:37
Daniel Klink
Thank you for your nice words and comments Mates 👍
It is very close to the finish line now just a bit more washing and fading, antena etc.
@Slavo yap as far as it is possible with this kit🙂
24. February, 21:30
Daniel Klink
Arghh a gust of wind decided to make a puzzle of it...🙁
26. February, 13:23
Jan Peters
Oh nooo
It looks like you get to build the same model twice
26. February, 13:33
Łukasz Gliński
Oh, too bad 😭
26. February, 13:35
that is not good... but I am sure you can restore it to its previous state😉
26. February, 13:51
Daniel Klink
Hi Mates, no gear struts or anything broken... only the seat and th Fuselage from the wings has been separated ...phew 🙂
26. February, 13:56
Slavo Hazucha
Hmm.... Seems Kamikaze the Divine Wind is not ready to accept your offering of the Kikka jet fighter...😉 😄

Good you put it together with reasonable "Sollbruchstellen" - seems salvageable! 👍
26. February, 14:31
Greg Baker
"A gust of wind"... that's a good one. That's what I'm going to call my left elbow from now on...
26. February, 16:48
Daniel Klink
hehe, yap SLavo thats the right word 👍
Think i saved it. Just have to overspray the "schweißnaht" upper wings to fuselage🙂
26. February, 16:48
Daniel Klink
@Greg... LoL you absolutely got the point there 🙂
26. February, 17:33
Jan Peters
Good to see it back together again
26. February, 18:39
Łukasz Gliński
That's a quick recovery! 👍 In my case it would be the right elbow, but love the nomenclature 😄
26. February, 18:59
I'm glad that Kikka has recovered from the gust of wind and has taken flight.
26. February, 19:26
Juergen Klinglhuber
Nice and quick recovery - well done !!
26. February, 21:07
Hanno Kleinecke
Good to see it being salvaged, I know EXACTLY how it feels to see an almost finished bird dive off the table.......
No sign of damage visible any more, good work Daniel !
27. February, 10:42
Alec K
Excellent recovery 👍
27. February, 19:21
Daniel Klink
Thank you ll mtes for your very kind words and compliments..
Very much appreciated. The Kikka is fully recovered now and got its own album.. 🙂
Meanwhile the Airfix A-2a is masked and readyor the green coat 🙂
27. February, 22:37
Daniel Klink
And there it is applied! Gunze RLM82
Still looking a bit bride
1. March, 11:30
James C
That's quite an undertaking building 4 at the same time Daniel, but top work as always mate👍
1. March, 17:25
Daniel Klink
Hi James Thank you and I hope i will get them all4 to a reasonable Result 🙂
SO the engine for the revell A-1a got its 1st washing and drybrushing...
Still no sign of a new canopy by Revells Department X 🙁
1. March, 22:41
Daniel Klink
Ps those deep engraved lines with the airfix kit are really not realistic at all
2. March, 09:11
Łukasz Gliński
A bit true indeed, that's why I'm going to cover them with "putty"😉
2. March, 09:12
Roland Gunslinger
Ah, white nose is coming alive 👍
2. March, 21:42
James C
Nice job on that camouflage👍
2. March, 21:52
Daniel Klink
Hi Lukasz, yap but i will do this for the academykit, which Fuselage panels are also much too deep.
The Me 262 Body was in fact smooth and clean like a baby popo...
It should be though it was made for min slipstream ..
@Roland yap thank you James, though i must amit it takes time to get used to work with the EVolution
and Gunze colors with such detailpainting.
My old Badger Velocity was a charm in that Discipline, but the construction o the nozzle forced me to change the tool. I so not want to spend a 100€ a year for new nozzles and needles.🙂
2. March, 22:20
Martin Oostrom
Get the pressure control thingy for the Evolution, you'll love it.
I'm just glad my shop informed me today that the Airfix kit was out of stock and they replaced it with the Academy kit. Next week...
Your squadron is looking good Daniel 👍
2. March, 22:44
Don Edgecomb
Ausgezeichnet Bauen! Nice review of all the kits. I have the Revell, Mpm, Trumpeter, and Airfix kits just for fun as my serious builds are the TSM versions in 1/32 (A-1a, A-1a heavy armament, A-2a, B-1a, and A-1a clear), HpH and Hobbyboss A-1a in 1/18, and a few Hasegawa and Revell each in /132. I really like the Trimaster and Dragon kits I have in 1/48. Every once in awhile I'll buy another 1/72 or 1/144 as the detail just keeps getting better if ya read the reviews to avoid the horrible messes. I was going to say cheap horrible messes but I realized that's not the case anymore. Now it's #%^$ expensive horrible pieces of Cr#p! Maybe many pieces of Cr#p because it hit the wall literally. I just read one modelers soapbox rant about HK Models B-17 kit. He couldn't believe that he spent that much money on a big kit with hardly any engine details and the cockpit was very toy like. I feel his pain as I've run into this on different kits. I read reviews like crazy. I could imagine opening one of my kits like Zoukei-Mura's Hs 129, Ho 229, or Do 335 and just finding two halves to a plane, a seat, and an Army man on a stretcher. LOL
Keep up the awesome work.
3. March, 04:47
Great painting job, Daniel! 👍
3. March, 18:25
Daniel Klink
Thank you Mates! 👍
Washing and some flat varnish added!
Looking kind a froggy but somehow i like that green
6. March, 00:21
Guy Rump
Lovely work as usual Daniel, great! 🙂
6. March, 12:14
Guillaume Blanchet
Coming along very nicely.
6. March, 12:17
Fantastic, Daniel!! One less for finish all 👍
6. March, 19:36
7. March, 08:02
Erik De Smet
You will need a hangar to show the jets together, Daniel
7. March, 08:11
Rui S
Looking good, nice setup 👍
7. March, 13:00
Jan Peters
Building a squadron wasn't work enough, so you decided to make a small diorama as well? :)
7. March, 15:00
Daniel Klink
Thank you very much, Guy, Guillaume, Cuajete, Juergen, Rui and Jan and Erik..
@jan Yes they will gather aroun except of the Kikka to a group photo with some ordonance around 🙂
10. March, 16:49
Daniel Klink
No the Revell one got its first colors on alu base, and i have to admit, the thin and presure combination for the Evolution gives me some Headache.
The Alu effect disappeared...
10. March, 16:50
Daniel Klink
Played around a little with setup ideas for a small Dio for the Airfix Swallow.
I think i will do separated albums for the inished birds.. This is getting a bit chaotic... 🙂
10. March, 22:08
Guillaume Blanchet
OH! That's going to be a jolly dioramama.I like it!
11. March, 12:38
James C
The addition of the ground crew is a nice touch 👍
11. March, 16:11
Łukasz Gliński
Yup, these folks do their job v.well 👍
11. March, 21:33
Rui S
Looking forward to see the dio😉
11. March, 21:40
Roland Gunslinger
Looking good 👍
11. March, 22:41
Juergen Klinglhuber
It does !! 👍
13. March, 08:07
Roberto Rocat
Really nice 👍!
13. March, 13:53
Ricardo Reis
Looks really nice! 👍
13. March, 21:07
Daniel Klink
Thank you gentlemen, very much appreciated!
14. March, 23:25
Slavo Hazucha
I hope the dude sneaking into the cockpit is not going to press the trigger?😉
15. March, 08:55
Daniel Klink
Hi Slavo!
Yap he never likes that guy sitting on the nose🙂
15. March, 09:50
Martin Oostrom
It would solve all his constipation issues
15. March, 15:08
Daniel Klink
Hehehe 🙂
Yap making some additional holes..🙁
15. March, 17:30


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1:72 Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a (Revell 04166)1:72 Me262A-1/2 "Last Ace" (Academy 12542)1:72 Messerschmitt Me262A-2a ‘Sturmvogel’ (Airfix A03090)3+
Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
3./EJG 2 19 White
Dezember 1944 - Lechfeld

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