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Evert Böhrer (Evert_BXL)

MFH mercedes 300 slr Coupe


17 21 March, 13:26
Rui S
I'm in 😎
21 March, 22:27
Rod -
How are the spokes secured, just glue? That is a very impressive model!
9 April, 10:34
Rod -
Oh man, that looks like a lot of work.
9 April, 11:37
Guillaume Blanchet
Watching! Nice project!
9 April, 11:56
WOW! That's remarkable modelling!
9 April, 12:14
Evert Böhrer
@Rod: indeed a lot of work but very rewarding when you get to the finish. All Full detail kits from MFH require that effort!
9 April, 12:17
Matthew A
9 April, 12:41
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Impressive work. Following .
9 April, 21:13
Michael Kohl
10 April, 05:27
those wheels certainly have a huge amount of work, but certain look amazing. please add the kit to the project, i would love to know which one is it (although MFH is usually way out of my price range....)
14 April, 07:59
Michael Kohl
The wheels are truely awesome.
14 April, 10:51
Evert Böhrer
I did not time the work on the wheels, but easily one should count 4 to 5 hours to finish one… luckily those are hobby hours🙂
14 April, 17:32
Impressive work
17 April, 22:11

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1:12 Mercedes 300SLR Coupe (Model Factory Hiro K-821)

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