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Erik De Smet (opadesmet)

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021

Schwalbe Egg Plane


29 | 8. January, 08:41
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Jan Peters
Following :)
8. January, 08:54
Erik De Smet
It is the very old Revell kit , copyright 1982 on one of the parts, just good enough for an egg conversion.
8. January, 12:13
Jan Peters
I remember building this as a youngster, muat have been around 1982.... :) I like the idea of an egg 262, looking forward to see you have a go at this
8. January, 12:38
Christoph Kunz
This is something I need to look at. 🙂
8. January, 16:10
Greg Baker
Sign me up!
8. January, 16:14
Julian Herrero aka Yuri
Following ,,,, funny project ,,, go for it !!!!
8. January, 18:15
8. January, 18:34
Daniel Klink
Ah Meggie 262..Count me in 👍
8. January, 19:11
Erik De Smet
beak and tail fixed, first layer of milliput
9. January, 14:50
David Taylor
Cracking start.
9. January, 15:53
Greg Baker
9. January, 16:04
Erik De Smet
Getting in shape with milliput and tamyia putty
12. January, 08:35
Joining in on the fun. Looks great already 👍
12. January, 11:40
Ben M
Eggcellent build.
12. January, 14:45
Erik De Smet
Thanks, friends, I am waiting for a Yahu instrument panel and Eduard Seat belts 1/48 to build and oversize cockpit
12. January, 14:58
Jan Peters
Great fun!
12. January, 15:23
Thomas Espe
Just have to watch this
12. January, 18:43
Erik De Smet
canopy set up
21. January, 19:27
Daniel Klink
21. January, 19:32
Greg Baker
Oh. yeah!
21. January, 21:44
Ben M
I'm eggcited to see how this turns out.
22. January, 03:02
Juergen Klinglhuber
Ha...nice comparison!
Eggcited too!
29. January, 17:46
Christoph Kunz
Blue Mäander over black base, looks nice.
29. January, 17:53
Roland Gunslinger
Haha, nice paintscheme 👍
29. January, 18:04
Jan Peters
Go for it Erik
29. January, 18:15
Greg Baker
That's a must!
29. January, 20:25
Karel Doležal
Nature is the best modeler
30. January, 08:46
Matthew A
You've done a cracking job so far
30. January, 11:02
David Taylor
Will you be doing the nose yellow.
30. January, 13:30
Greg Baker
Ha! I love it!
30. January, 15:55
Erik De Smet
Black beack and red throat
30. January, 16:34
Jay Dubya
Best take it easy with your barn swallow paint job Erik - you wouldn't want to thrush it!
1. February, 09:09
Matthew A
That's a cheep crack
1. February, 11:06
David Taylor
Will you be feathering in the paint scheme.
1. February, 15:28
Jay Dubya
Sorry to have to ask Erik, but it's not clear in pictures 6&7 of the cockpit of your Meggie 262 - is that a control column or a yoke?
3. February, 05:50
Greg Baker
Who let you in here?
3. February, 06:57
Erik De Smet
@Jay, I placed a bended piece of plastic in front of the seat as control stick or is it a joke ?
@ Greg: Tim , the webmaster, lets all Belgians in.
BTW You were right : AA GENT sold Jonathan David last year to LOSC Lille for 30 million Euro, and since then GENT is not playing well in the Belgian football league, but Lille is doing very well in the French League
3. February, 10:43
Ben M
That's an eggcellent yolk, Erik.
3. February, 13:49
Greg Baker
Jay was just being clever... it's hard to tell with him. 🙂

A yoke can either be "an airplane control operating the elevators and ailerons" or "the yellow part of an egg". Although in this case, it could also mean "an arched device formerly laid on the neck of a defeated person" (the kind of thing you throw off when you're freed from slavery). 😄

I'm glad to hear that Tim lets all Belgians in. Anyone from a country that gave the world Tintin is all right in my book.😉

And, yes. I've been following David's move from Gent to Lille. He got off to a bit of a slow start, but seems to have found his feet now. Between him and Alphonso Davies playing under the bright lights at Bayern Munich, the future looks bright for Canadian football. Too early to call them a golden generation though... they actually need to win something first!
3. February, 15:39
Jan Peters
Looking good :)
3. February, 18:42
Jay Dubya
My apologies Erik - my comments are in no way meant to be a joke at your expense, just your eggplane offers the opportunity for some truely awful puns. I fully understand you marvolusly bi-lingual European may not entirely get, but thanks to Greg, I hope you can see the play on english words (yoke/yolk).

I have also neglected to compliment you on the creativity of your work, it puts a smile on my face. If you did a few more the same, would you do a diorama of a squadron scramble? [Kaboom tish!]

Again, so sorry ...
4. February, 12:12
Erik De Smet
No problem Jay. Since I use to follow the Brexit saga in The Guardian newspaper I discover regularly English words which I did not know ( Never heard of "lambasted" before) .
As for the eggplanes, just look at my albums, you will discover a few more, and even a flying banana.
4. February, 13:59
Erik De Smet
Not a prize winner, but for me this project is finished
7. February, 15:36
Ben M
The eyes have it ????
7. February, 16:05
Christoph Kunz
LOL, made my day 🙂
7. February, 16:14
7. February, 16:42
Roland Gunslinger
Wow, that's sweet and really very creative 👍
7. February, 17:56
David Taylor
Different,thought out and eggcellent.
7. February, 21:03
Greg Baker
I love it!
8. February, 03:19
Looks angry, looks great! 😄
This bird will surely demoralize its enemies in a dogfight.
8. February, 07:11
Jan Peters
Whahaha, great fun!!
Love it Erik!
8. February, 15:23
😄 we need more models with goggle eyes 👍
8. February, 15:45


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1:72 Jetfighter Me-262 (Revell 4121)

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