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Erik De Smet (opadesmet)

SIAI Marchetti SF260

A combined build of two 30 year old resin kits from DACO and the new KP and SH kits.


21 | 11. December 2020, 18:53
Maciej Bellos
Following with interest. My daughter saw this aircraft in a documentary and wants to build it. She liked it being yellow and red.
11. December 2020, 19:09
Me 2.

The comparison of the new SH and KP kits is interesting. I think SH is better, but KP offers decals for more interesting decorations. Thanks for the input 👍.
18. December 2020, 18:41
Gordon Sørensen
Great work, Erik! The SF-260 is a great looking aircraft. Looking forward to following your progress.
19. December 2020, 00:55
Erik De Smet
I just made an overview of the several outfits I can give these planes
28. March, 15:53
Erik De Smet
The first five are coming close to final
3. April, 15:38
Alex K
I really enjoy and admire your "variation-on-a-theme" multiple builds / collections (even using several different kits of the same subject), as in the case of your Fouga collection or the SF260 (one of the most graceful aircraft!). I wish you will also include the civilian example of photo 33 in your future SF260 builds... Keep up the good work! 👍
10. April, 13:21
Erik De Smet
Thank you, Alex, and yes I will build the Belgian civilian one. I am actually working on home made decals for several Belgians and I found someone in the Netherlands who can print decals with white for a very reasonable price. Special Hobby announced a second kit of the SF 260 with the higher canopy. Unfortunately An other yellow one, so I will have to make more decals.
10. April, 16:15
Erik De Smet
First kit finished
14. April, 15:16
Erik De Smet
I just received the second Special Hobby kit 72433 of the Marchetti SF260 with the larger canopy. The difference in height is 0.7 mm
27. April, 14:15
Erik De Smet
Still putting decals on ST-20 : many VERY TINY ones, and I misplaced some. Fortunately , I bought several kits, so I can finish it
9. May, 14:20
Erik De Smet
One finished: the KP kit with own design laser printed decals
22. May, 14:52
Nice! 👍
22. May, 17:40
Erik De Smet
One more finished: the 1990 special paint on ST-24
28. May, 14:25
Łukasz Gliński
These decals turned out really nicely
28. May, 16:13
Well done!
28. May, 18:11
Maciej Bellos
Good looking 260. Nice job Erik!
28. May, 20:10
Erik De Smet
One more finished : the SH-kit with the decals in the kit. They are very delicate, and I screwed up some, but as I had more than one kit, I could correct my errors.
29. May, 15:04


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1:72 SIAI SF-260D/W "European users" (Kovozávody Prostějov KPM0212)1:72 SIAI-Marchetti SF-260M/AM/W (Special Hobby SH 72418)1:72 Siai Marchetti SF260M (Daco Products K7201)1+

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