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Fouga Magister Collection 1/72

I have some old models of Fouga Magister. They are all Airfix ones, but I also bought a bunch of newer kits : Heller, Valom and Special Hobby and I have a Max Decal sheet.
I intend to "refurbish" the Airfix models, stripping of the paint and using extra parts (canopies) of the Valom and Special Hobby .
I started to build the Heller and Valom kits. The Heller is an easy one, the main improvement is to rescribe the wing panel lines, which are raised on the kit.
The Valom seems to be more difficult to build: the instructions are not very clear, I do not like very much the small PE parts , and there a no location pins on the parts.
The SH kit is the most detailed, but as the sprues are designed for several versions, the construction is complicated. Lots of spare parts though to improve other kits


16. October 2019, 08:42
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Erik De Smet
One old Airfix kit refurbished
18. November 2019, 14:01
Which airforce did you depict here ?
18. November 2019, 14:24
Erik De Smet
This one is Morocco, see the comment at each picture
18. November 2019, 16:33
Picture 4 states ordinary French. That is just not possible. French is never ordinary. As a neighbour you must know that... ;)

18. November 2019, 23:11
Erik De Smet
That is why I decided to refurbish it, just like the ordinary Belgian in picture 3. I hope you like the new outfit.
19. November 2019, 07:28
Łukasz Gliński
Ha! Famous randomisation of the content - Mistercraft's trademark😉 Interesting idea for paint removal, need to note it somewhere.
19. November 2019, 13:23
Erik De Smet
Nr. 2 Airfix refurbished as Lebanese : decals from Special Hobby kit, wingpanels rescribed
27. November 2019, 10:37
Erik De Smet
Fouga Magister nr 6 - Algeria - finished : Heller kit, canopy modified with spare parts from Special Hobby, decals Special Hobby kit
11. December 2019, 09:30
Stephan Ryll
Very nice collection Erik 👍
11. December 2019, 17:42
Erik De Smet
Thank you Stephan, I have 8 more in the pipeline, including two German
11. December 2019, 17:59
Erik De Smet
after weeks working on home made decals, back to plastic : this will be a "flying" Fouga
8. February 2020, 19:39
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Bravo Erik , nice job!
9. February 2020, 18:00
Erik De Smet
Some progress on refurbishing the old Airfix and starting a SH simple set. The purpose is to build an early armed Belgian Fouga, which had most probably the larger tiptanks supplied in the Heller kit.
15. February 2020, 15:45
Erik De Smet
making progress on the paintwork
3. March 2020, 09:12
Nikolaos Kouzinis
Very beautiful job, Erik
4. March 2020, 12:31
Erik De Smet
Thank you, Nikolaos, I used AK Xtreme metal paint in my airbrush, and it went very smootly. I have now 7 Fougas under construction, so still a lot of work to go, especially with some tiny parts and the decals.
4. March 2020, 16:56
Erik De Smet
One more finished : Heller kit with Special Hobby spare decals
8. March 2020, 09:20
Nils Steyaert
great looking fouga's 👍
8. March 2020, 10:06
Erik De Smet
One more finished : Special Hobby, kit and decals
17. March 2020, 15:13
Erik De Smet
One more finished : Belgian special colours, Heller kit, smd leds ans selfmade decals
17. April 2020, 09:16
Il crève l'écran !
17. April 2020, 10:24
17. April 2020, 18:01
Alex K
Watching, for some time now, this entire collection series unfold with great interest... A work of love for the cute little Fouga... More, please!
17. April 2020, 18:58
Erik De Smet
Merci Olivier & Niko. Thanks for the interest, Alex, keep watching I have some 10 more in the pipeline ...
18. April 2020, 09:17
18. April 2020, 13:49
Gary Kitchen
Hi- I'm a newbie on here but I love this display concept, it's really imaginative! Also loving the Fouga, I've plans down the road to add one to my Jan Zumbach collection, if I can verify that he actually flew one for the Katangese.
29. April 2020, 08:28
Alex K
I'll check it out again, Gary, just to be certain, but my impression is that he didn't - his involvement in Katanga had mainly to do with T-6s plus other propeller types (Dove, C-47, Tri-pacer...). Of course the Katangan Fouga is always an interesting subject, for various reasons, and Erik's Fouga collection is an inspiration to us all 🙂 I might be tempted for a Katangan one myself, one day, along with one of the ex-Austrian ones that never made it to Biafra...
29. April 2020, 11:15
Erik De Smet
According to what I have found , the Katangan Fouga(s) were flown only by Belgian pilots.
29. April 2020, 15:34
Gary Kitchen
Thanks both. This seems to be my finding too. I'm really reliant And thankful to Alex and his translation from the French Zumbach book.
29. April 2020, 15:53
Erik De Smet
Two naval versions finally completed : The German Marine Fouga (für Stephan) and the French Marine Zéphyr (pour Olivier)
17. May 2020, 18:37
Gary Kitchen
Hi Erik. Your lovely collection continues to grow. I have a real soft spot for this little plane, which I didn't even know existed until I started reading up on Katanga. Looking good 👍 All the best.
17. May 2020, 18:51
Ben M
I have enjoyed the journey so far.
17. May 2020, 19:08
Ah ha Erik, a nice Marine Fouga dedicated to me... You make me blush. Thanks a lot for the kind intention.
17. May 2020, 20:33
Erik De Smet
One more finished: Gabonese Presidential Guard: Valom kit modified with spares from Special Hobby, Max Decals, brown wash for tropical look.
3. June 2020, 07:04
Gary Kitchen
Hi Erik. Great stuff. You're still working your way down the African continent I see. Cant wait for that Katanganese Fouga to appear one day.
3. June 2020, 17:38
Alex K
Me too (re the Katangese - BTW, definitely no Zumbach connection there, he arrived in Katanga later). For the time being, thumbs up 👍 👍 to Eric for the Gabonese example, nice one!
3. June 2020, 18:30
Erik De Smet
To be honest Gary & Alek, the Katangese is not on my priority list, first because I do not have the decals for it (yet), and secondly there are more interesting African paint schemes like Togo and Uganda. But thanks for following. It goes slowly , as there are several tiny bits and decals to be added before the model is reasonably complete. Still 6 kits in my stash.
4. June 2020, 07:54
Alex K
Fair enough - and the more less-known Fouga operators covered the better!
4. June 2020, 10:07
Gary Kitchen
Hi Erik, it's all good- I'm just loving the journey 👍
4. June 2020, 11:53


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