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Emil Stojanov (Emil)

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021

Since the decals are very old, I don't think they are usable.
Also my eyes are not that good anymore, so I am hesitant to try the difficult camouflage schemes of the Me262. Instead I decided to buy the Xtradecal set that includes decals for the 6th prototype that is a uniform RLM 76. Now waiting for Hannants to resume shipping to the EU...


11 | 19. January, 21:00
Emil, may be you can use the following instructions to build the kit:

20. January, 21:12
Emil Stojanov
Thanks. I will use that one.
21. January, 09:37
Emil Stojanov
Does anyone have a photo of the upper side of the wings? Any panel lines visible there?
7. February, 21:20
Juergen Klinglhuber
Hi - seems to be gab filled in the same way as on the fuselage
13. February, 11:30
Jan Peters
Nice subject. Will the model not look a bit bland without any panellines and a uniform colour?
Early me 262 gad a clear plastic housing for the light beneath the rudder. I'm not sure what the bulge under the fuselage is though,.
13. February, 12:07
Emil Stojanov
I am also afraid that it will look too bland. What I want to try is to fill the panel lines with thick paint in a dark tone. So it will give an impression of filler and some shading.
14. February, 20:07
Emil Stojanov
thanks for the picture
14. February, 20:08
Jan Peters
There are several differeces on the V6 to the production 262. The engine nacelles don't have the louvres, the spent amunition shutes are in line, not staggered, the canopy of course. I think there is a different seat fitted , the mainwheel legs have no hydrolic rams ( gravity was suposed to extend them) and the bulge under the rudder is a bumper.
15. February, 17:05
Emil Stojanov
Thanks, I did not know about the ammunition shutes and the mainwheel legs. A couple more things I noticed: no flares on the left hand fuselage, the 'steps' on the front of the engines are missing, no positioning lights on the wings, a trim or a counterweight on the elevator.
The hardest part is the canopy, maybe I will just add some extra struts, but I have no idea how to flatten the canopy.
It seems to me that V6 had no slats at the leading edge of the wings, but I am not sure about that one. It seems to me that on this picture there are no slats [img1]
15. February, 22:03
Jan Peters
I think it has slats, there is a faint seam to be seen underneth the 'a' that's over the nacelle.
The guns were not fitted to this aircraft, and there is no guncamere and port in the nose
16. February, 05:42
Emil Stojanov
I think I read somewhere that the V6 was the first prototype with guns.
Or is it just prepared for guns?
16. February, 09:57
Jan Peters
Not sure on this, as far as I remember it has flown a demonstration flight before Göring and Hitler without the guns fitted. I will have to check my references.there is a substantial part on this machine in Me262 volume 1
16. February, 15:43
Emil Stojanov
De V6 was uitgerust met een compleet intrekbaar landingsgestel, voorbereiding voor boordkanonnen in de neus, elektrische bediende hoogteroeren en de pijlvleugel was uitgerust met automatische werkende landing-en vleugelkleppen.
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16. February, 16:46


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1:72 Messerschmitt Me262A-1a/A-2a (Hasegawa 51351)

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