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KitBox & PZY Models Ferrari Daytona SP3 Test Assembling


12 23 April, 17:22
George Williams
When will this kit be available? How much will it cost? I live in mainland China, do you have an agent there?
24 April, 12:06
The kit is supposed to be available in next month and the retail price about 160-165USD. Could be purchased at Taobao after released if you are in China. Just please follow their official discussion group on Facebook for more information.
24 April, 16:10
George Williams
Thanks, Ray, I'll keep an eye onTaobao. Facebook, like many Western social media sites isn't available in China, not sure if that's an advantage or not.
25 April, 12:58
That's OK, just keep eye on their Facebook and place order from Taobao after released. Other limits are no influrence.
26 April, 10:58
George Williams
It's way overpriced for a 1/24 car kit.
11 May, 14:32

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1:24 Ferrari Daytona SP3 (KitBox & PZY Model KB08-08)

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