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modelářská databáze | správa kitníku
Matthias Weiss (Trigger1984)

World War Toons Church

My son Lian recently showed interest in scale models. So he got a kit for assembly, I chose a snap kit as I don't want him to sniff the fumes from glue. Took 45min to assemble it, I had the parts prepared in a small box ready for use. I think he did great considering he's just 3,5 yo and needed some help with small parts or tight fits. He's very proud of his work and so am I! I'll disassemble it tomorrow morning, glue some parts and primer it so that he can paint it.


4 | 6. March, 06:49
Matthias Weiss
So here we go, my son building his first model kit. I'd like to say I think he's doing an excellent job considering his age of just 3.5 years.... 🙂
8. March, 02:47
8. March, 09:08
Awesome! It's fun to build stuff with the little ones. 😄
8. March, 11:49
Matthias Weiss
Oh yes it is! And it's great to see them concentrating on something for such a long time. Took us around 45 min to build and another 45 min to paint it.
8. March, 13:06
Excellent job. I couldn't build a fire-fighter tank better myself. 🙂
8. March, 14:44


1:48 Churchill Mk. VII Crocodile (Tamiya 32594)1:35 Infantry Tank Mk.III Valentine II (MiniArt 35096)1:35 Valentine Mk.II/IV (Tamiya 35352)2+

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