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1:32 Polish Fighter Pilot (ToRo Model 32F04)
Polish-Bolshevik War
Polish Fighter Pilot 7th Kosciuszko Squadron
ToRo Model 1:32
32F04 2017* | New tool
1:35 Sherman II (ToRo Model 35013)
Sherman II Conversion Set for Tamiya Sherman M4A1 early
ToRo Model 1:35
1:35 Street Fighter (ToRo Model 35F08)
Polish home army 1944
Street Fighter Warsaw's uprising
ToRo Model 1:35
1:35 Butcher (ToRo Model 35F100)
The Thirties Varsovians
Butcher Rzeznik
ToRo Model 1:35
35F100 2017* | New tool
1:35 1st Army of Polish Forces (ToRo Model 35F14)
Berlin 1945
1st Army of Polish Forces Tank Crewman - 4th Independent Heavy Tank Regiment
ToRo Model 1:35
35F14 2010 | New tool
1:35 6th Airborne Brigade (ToRo Model 35F42)
Polish Army 2008
6th Airborne Brigade Soldier with Submachine Gun (With Decals)
ToRo Model 1:35
1:35 T-55 Tank Crew (ToRo Model 35F43)
Warsaw Pact Military Alliance Polish Army
T-55 Tank Crew (two figurines)
ToRo Model 1:35
1:35 ShKH DANA Driver (ToRo Model 35F44)
Polish Army 2011 in Afghanistan
ShKH DANA Driver (with decals)
ToRo Model 1:35
1:35 White Death (ToRo Model 35F81)
Winter War 1939-40
White Death Finnish Army Sniper
ToRo Model 1:35
35F81 2016 | New tool
1:48 Ford Tf-c (ToRo Model 48018)
Polish armoured car
Ford Tf-c
ToRo Model 1:48
48018 201x | New tool Multi-topic (2)
1:48 AUSTIN TILLY (ToRo Model 48021)
ToRo Model 1:48
1:48 Three Cows (ToRo Model 48F62)
Country Line
Three Cows (Chianina)
ToRo Model 1:48
48F62 2017* | New tool
1:48 PZL P.7a (ToRo Model 48S01)
Polish Fighter Plane
PZL P.7a
ToRo Model 1:48
48S01 2011 | New tool
1:48 PZL P.7a (ToRo Model 48S01X)
PZL P.7a Polish Fighter Plane
ToRo Model 1:48
48S01X 2021 | Changed box
1:48 PZL P.7a (ToRo Model 48S01X)
PZL P.7a Polish Fighter Plane
ToRo Model 1:48
48S01X 2012 | Changed box
1:72 Leopard 2A4 (ToRo Model 72D01)
Leopard 2A4 in Polish Service. 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade
ToRo Model 1:72
1:72 HMMWV's (ToRo Model 72D04)
HMMWV's in Polish service
ToRo Model 1:72
72D04 200x | New tool
1:72 Sherman tanks (ToRo Model 72D10)
Sherman tanks 1st Armoured Division
ToRo Model 1:72
72D10 20xx | New tool
1:72 Willys Jeep (ToRo Model 72D19)
Willys Jeep in Polish service
ToRo Model 1:72
72D19 2014 | New tool
1:72 T-34 tanks (ToRo Model 72D39)
T-34 tanks in Polish service 1943-1945
ToRo Model 1:72
72D39 2018 | New tool
1:72 BRDM (ToRo Model 72D43)
Armoured Scout Car
BRDM in Polish service vol.1
ToRo Model 1:72
72D43 2019 | New tool Multi-topic (2)

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