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Sky Marks
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1:200 Airbus A380 (Sky Marks SKR1000)
Airbus A380
Sky Marks 1:200
SKR1000 20xx | Changed decals
1:200 Boeing 747-100 (Sky Marks SKR998)
Boeing 747-100 Juan Trippe
Sky Marks 1:200
SKR998 20xx | Changed decals
1:100 FOKKER F-100 (Sky Marks SKR359)
Austrian Arrows
Sky Marks 1:100
SKR359 2009 | Changed decals
1:100 Embraer 190 (Sky Marks SKR358)
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Embraer 190
Sky Marks 1:100
SKR358 2009 | Changed decals

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The 10 most wanted products from Sky Marks at this moment are:

1:130 Boeing 717 (Sky Marks SKR074)
Midwest Airlines
Boeing 717
Sky Marks 1:130
SKR074 20xx | Changed decals
1:200 SkyBus A380 (Sky Marks SKR050)
Singapore Airlines
SkyBus A380
Sky Marks 1:200
SKR050 20xx | Changed decals
1:100 ATR-72 (Sky Marks SKR016)
American Eagle
Sky Marks 1:100
SKR016 200* | New tool
1:200 Boeing 747-200 (Sky Marks )
Iron Maiden
Boeing 747-200 The Book of Souls World Tour 2016
Sky Marks 1:200
2016 | Changed decals
1:150 Boeing 757-200 (Sky Marks SKR053)
American Airlines
Boeing 757-200
Sky Marks 1:150
SKR053 200x | Changed decals
1:150 Boeing 757-200 (Sky Marks SKR081)
American Airlines
Boeing 757-200
Sky Marks 1:150
SKR081 200x | Changed decals
1:200 Airbus A300-600 (Sky Marks SKR124)
American Airlines
Airbus A300-600
Sky Marks 1:200
SKR124 20xx | Changed decals
1:130 Boeing 737-800 (Sky Marks SKR252)
American Airlines
Boeing 737-800
Sky Marks 1:130
SKR252 20xx | Changed box

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Based on our records the first release by Sky Marks was roughly 19 years ago in the year 2002.

382 products from Sky Marks have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.