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1:72 F-4EJ (FineMolds 72937)
F-4EJ Serial No. 17-8301, Final scheme 2021
FineMolds 1:72
72937 2021 | Changed decals
1:72 F-4EJ Kai Fighter (FineMolds 72838)
Japan Air Self-Defense Force
F-4EJ Kai Fighter 2020 Special Marking (Blue)
FineMolds 1:72
72838 2020 | Changed decals

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1:72 F-14A Tomcat (FineMolds FP-30)
U.S. Navy
F-14A Tomcat
FineMolds 1:72
FP-30 2017 | Changed parts
1:72 Millennium Falcon (FineMolds SW-6)
Star Wars
Millennium Falcon Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Transport [Han Solo's Modified]
FineMolds 1:72
SW-6 2006 | New tool
1:72 Slave I (FineMolds SW-7)
Star Wars Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-class patrol and attack ship
Slave I [Boba Fett's customized version]
FineMolds 1:72
SW-7 2006 | Changed parts
1:35 Type 5 Chi-Ri (FineMolds FM28)
Imperial Japanese Army Medium Tank
Type 5 Chi-Ri
FineMolds 1:35
FM28 2010 | New tool
1:35 Type 4 Ho-Ro (FineMolds FM54)
Imperial Japanese Army SP Gun
Type 4 Ho-Ro
FineMolds 1:35
FM54 2017 | New tool
1:48 Savoia S.21F (FineMolds FG-3)
Porco Rosso
Savoia S.21F Idroplano da Caccia Sperimentale - Late Models (fictional)
FineMolds 1:48
FG-3 (FG03) 2007 | Changed parts
1:35 Type 97 Te-Ke (FineMolds FM10)
Imperial Japanese Army
Type 97 Te-Ke Type 97 Light Armored Car
FineMolds 1:35
FM10 1998 | Changed parts
1:35 Type 2 Ho-I (FineMolds FM24)
Imperial Japanese Army Tank Destroyer
Type 2 Ho-I
FineMolds 1:35
FM24 2008 | Changed parts
1:35 Type 61 Tank (FineMolds FM43)
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Type 61 Tank
FineMolds 1:35
FM43 2014 | New tool


Savoia S.21 1:72
Savoia S.21
FineMolds 1:72

by Johannes Wipauer on Modellversium

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Multiple versions of the company name FineMolds are in use.

These variants include: 'FineMolds'.

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FineMolds started their scale modeling journey in the previous century. Based on our records the first release by FineMolds was roughly 31 years ago in the year 1990.

208 products from FineMolds have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.