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1:20 Red Bull RB5 (E.Jan E-8??)
Red Bull RB5 2009 Chinese GP
E.Jan 1:20
E-8?? 2009 | Changed ???

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The 15 most wanted products from E.Jan at this moment are:

1:12 Driving Figure (E.Jan EJP886)
Driving Figure "Ayrton Senna" 1985 winning pose
E.Jan 1:12
EJP886 2013 | New tool
1:12 McLaren M23 (E.Jan EJP846)
McLaren M23 1976 Japanese GP (for Tamiya)
E.Jan 1:12
EJP846 2011 | New tool
1:20 Red Bull RB5 (E.Jan E-813)
Red Bull RB5 2009 British GP
E.Jan 1:20
E-813 2009 | New tool
1:12 Ferrari 643 (E.Jan EJP853)
Ferrari 643 1991 (for Tamiya 641/2)
E.Jan 1:12
EJP853 2011 | New tool
1:12 Driver figure (E.Jan EJP850)
Driver figure "Ronnie Peterson" standing
E.Jan 1:12
EJP850 2011 | New tool
1:20 Lotus E21 (E.Jan EJP887)
Lotus E21 2013 Australian GP Winner
E.Jan 1:20
EJP887 2013 | New tool

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Based on our records the first release by E.Jan was roughly 15 years ago in the year 2006.

17 products from E.Jan have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.