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20mm Hispano cannons for Spitfire (wing E & C)

RB Model - Nr. 32AB09

RB Model class=


Company:RB Model
Product name:20mm Hispano cannons for Spitfire (wing E & C)
Product number:32AB09
Type:Detail set


We don't know about any inbox reviews for this 20mm Hispano cannons for Spitfire (wing E & C) (#32AB09) from RB Model.

Market place

This kit is 2 times listed for sale/trade.

EUR 3.70 1:32 20mm Hispano cannons for Spitfire (wing E & C) (RB Model 32AB09)
EUR 4.50 1:32 20mm Hispano cannons for Spitfire (wing E & C) (RB Model 32AB09)

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