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Mig-21 F-13. Sky Guardians

Part 1

Aztec Models - Nr. 48-051

Boxart Mig-21 F-13. Sky Guardians 48-051 Aztec Models


Company:Aztec Models
Product name:Mig-21 F-13. Sky Guardians Part 1
Product number:48-051
Released:2013 | Initial release - new tool
Designed for:Designed for below kit(s)
1:48 MiG-21F-13 Fishbed (Trumpeter 02858)


We don't know about any inbox reviews for this Mig-21 F-13. Sky Guardians (#48-051) from Aztec Models.

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EUR 16.95 1:48 Mig-21 F-13. Sky Guardians (Aztec Models 48-051)

Note: Prices and availability are indications and not dipslayed in real time. Quality of service is the responsibilty of the shop.
Beta-release, make sure to cross check if the product in the shop is the one you want to buy and recheck the price!

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