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Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1

Airfix - Nr. A11001

Boxart Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 A11001 Airfix


Product name:Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1
Product number:A11001
Type:Full kit
Includes: Plastic sprues, Waterslide decals, Clear parts
Released:2011 | Initial release - new tool

Decal options

The markings supplied are as follows:

  1. Vickers Valiant B(K).1
    UK Military Royal Air Force
    49 Sqn. XD823
    June 1957
  2. Vickers Valiant B(K).1
    UK Military Royal Air Force
    49 Sqn. XD857
  3. Vickers Valiant B(K).1
    UK Military Royal Air Force
    207 Sqn. WZ404
  4. Vickers Type 667
    UK Military Royal Air Force
    Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment WB215

Instruction sheets

Format: PDF (8063.27 Kb) Download instruction plans

Product timeline

The history of this Vickers Valiant-kit in scale 1:72 visualised on the product timeline

Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (Airfix A11001)
New tool
100% complete
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This kit is 6 times listed for sale/trade.

DE Floppar
Swap or Sale 38.00 +Ship
EUR 47.95 1:72 Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (Airfix A11001) DE
EUR 49.99 1:72 Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (Airfix A11001) NL
EUR 51.59 1:72 Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (Airfix A11001) PL
USD 53.99 1:72 Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (Airfix A11001) US
USD 63.95 1:72 Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (Airfix A11001) UA

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Here are 1 links to walkarounds on the web.


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Tom added the Airfix Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (1:72) to his completed kits.
11. May at 22:44:01 Share
paulfhome added the Airfix Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (1:72) to his completed kits.
10. July 2014 at 16:16:56 Share
Gerald Jonker added the Airfix Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (1:72) to his completed kits.
29. October 2013 at 15:35:32 Share
John Zaranek added the Airfix Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (1:72) to his completed kits.
07. May 2013 at 04:22:59 Share
Bill Gilman Pictures, please! Love those Valiants! :)
07. May 2013 at 04:24:08
John Zaranek If you never buy another kit in your life, you MUST buy this one by Airfix...for such a large kit it practically fell together. Let me see what I can scrounge as far as photos go :)
07. May 2013 at 04:27:36
Bill Gilman Oh, I've got the kit, along with the old Matchbox Victor and the Airfix Vulcan. I've been collecting all the proper aftermarket stuff (resin intakes and wheel wells, PE, etc.) before I get started on any of them.
07. May 2013 at 04:29:53
John Zaranek I have those kits as well (in fact, two of the Vulcans). I'm new to this site and just uploaded the only pic of the Valiant I have.
07. May 2013 at 04:33:44
Bill Gilman Ah, I saw your model at Noreastcon! Very nice indeed! I did not judge that category as I was entered in it (Sea Vixen). Are you from the IMPS Niagara Frontier chapter?
07. May 2013 at 19:16:24
John Zaranek Yes I am, Bill and congrats on your first place win for the was very sharp! I am the current prez of the club.
08. May 2013 at 11:58:36
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John Zaranek
Completed in 2012. Obtained another one in 2013.
07. May 2013 at 04:24:50 Share
Jamie Anderson added the Airfix Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (1:72) to his completed kits.
16. June 2012 at 18:32:37 Share
Rolf Blattner Can we see the finished model somewhere on the net ?
17. June 2012 at 12:36:43
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Augie added the Airfix Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 in 1:72 to her wishlist
13. May 2012 at 00:01:07 Share
View full thread with 20 comments
Urban Gardini That's the one with the atomic bombs.
15. May 2012 at 21:52:01
Augie thats urban, How much would you want for the bombs?
15. May 2012 at 22:10:55
Urban Gardini Free of charge...
15. May 2012 at 22:12:05
Augie Thank you Urban, At least let me pay postage
15. May 2012 at 22:17:18
Urban Gardini Just PM me your adress n' I'll post 'em to you. They're glued together if I recall it correctly. I got the kit as a hand me down from a friend who stopped buildin' when his wife passed two years ago n' he had started on it. I'll build it some day but it will be in O.D. complete with sassy nose art.
15. May 2012 at 22:30:00
Augie Cool thanks... Errrmm... Soon as i figure how to PM..
15. May 2012 at 22:31:49
Urban Gardini Just make a post on my wall n' mark it as private.
15. May 2012 at 22:32:57
Augie ahh cool
15. May 2012 at 22:46:46
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Tigers! Tigers! added the Airfix Vickers Valiant BK.Mk.1 (1:72) to his stash.
08. July 2011 at 22:05:58 Share
Steely Chia I've been waiting for this for some time, not wanting to buy Mach 2. Hows the kit?
09. July 2011 at 04:20:15
Tigers! Tigers! your right on the mach 2 kit, will make up nice if you have the time and the high price they sell for S/H, if you want this one youll be pleased with the overall kit it has some nice options and looks quite accurate, lines are a tad deep but a coat of primer should fill them. the wells are detailed and only need a little plumbing, makes up in to a large A/C and feels quite sturdy the decals are a little suspect but i will have a good look at it over the weekend and post little review but at first glance i would reccomend this one, ohh and as a good point well for me at least is its in a good sturdy box so well done airfix!
09. July 2011 at 09:10:01
Steely Chia looks like i have no choice but to add this to my stash ..... :)
28. July 2011 at 15:14:50
Tigers! Tigers! yep its well worth the cash if youv the display room!
03. August 2011 at 19:29:50
Steely Chia hehe...the vulcan, victor and nimrod really need the company :)
05. August 2011 at 21:01:16
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